Four Favourite Things

Blog Post #356

I have been suffering for a few days with a nasty cold — a wracking cough, aching muscles, snuffly nose, watery eyes and a deep, deep fatigue. Blech!!

So, I have been drinking hot lemon, ginger, honey tea, popping advil, and sucking on throat lozenges for days. And sleeping — lots of sleeping — yep, doing my best to lessen my symptoms and trying to maintain as pleasant an attitude as I can. That’s the hard part.

Luckily for me, my sweet husband makes it easier to be nice even when I am feeling my worst.  He brings me treats, makes dinner and generally tries to make me as comfortable as possible.

As I was enjoying the yummy chocolate-covered twizzlers he brought home, (seriously, have you tried them — they are to die for!) I decided to think of things that make me happy to distract myself from my misery. I came up with a list of five things. Sure, I have more than five things on my favourite things list, but I needed to take a nap so I stopped there.



These sweet meringue-based confections are made with delectable cream sandwiched between two airy cookies. This French-style pastry comes in many flavours and are delicious bites of joy. My favourite place to get these gems is Bon Macaron Patisserie.  With over 50 flavours it is difficult to choose just one — but I love the White Truffle Sea Salt (savoury) and the Lavender (sweet) are two that I can’t say no to.

1956 Thunderbird

Baby Blue Thunderbird

I love the old style cars like the classic 1968 Rolls Royce Phantom VI, the 1960 Bentley or the 1967 Austin Healy. But my favourite is the Thunderbird — 1956 and 1957 vintage. That car was the perfect size and came in a lovely shade of light blue or pink. The first time I saw one at a vintage car show, I put it on my “wish list”. It’s still there!

Old Music

When I am feeling nostalgic, I love to listen to music from back in the day. One of my favourite albums from the “olden” days is Elton John’s Madman Across the Water. Released in 1971, Madman Across the Water was John’s fourth studio album and considered to be his best. It went platinum in the U.S. in 1993. The track I love best on this album is the title song — it is still one of my faves.


A Nice Cuppa

Cup of Tea

What can be better than a lovely, steaming cup of tea to lift your spirits or restore balance? I love to have tea in the afternoon for a quick pick-me-up especially at work when I need an energy boost. David’s Tea is a favourite tea shop that I frequently visit — with many varieties of tea to choose from as well as teapots, cups and travel mugs. But I recently came across an independent tea seller at a craft market. I purchased several tins of tea from Karla’s Specialteas. Karla is a certified tea sommelier and offers gourmet artisan blends made with local ingredients. My current preferred tea from Karla’s is Japan’s Treasure — A blend of five highly prized Japanese teas: Kukicha, Genmaicha, Gyokuro, Sencha and Bancha,  married with the flavors of strawberries and red currants. Heavenly!


The Bachelor, Gerbera Daisies and a Tea Party

Beautiful flowers and pretty teacups
Beautiful flowers and pretty teacups

I’m still feeling a little “flu-ish”, but  I feel better than I did yesterday, so, yay!!

I adorned the house today with little vases of colourful gerbera daisies today. Brynne brought them home from her work at the corner store — bouquets and pots of cut posies that have been around too long and will soon wilt, but still pretty enough to enjoy for a day or two. Daisies are my favourite flower and the bright, cheerful blossoms gave me a real lift!

The new season of The Bachelor began tonight. This program was one that my daughter, Bailey and I used to watch together. It isn’t really my kind of show, but it is a lot of fun to watch with her and so I guess it has grown on me. Unfortunately, now that Bailey has moved out on her own, it is a little harder to get together for Monday night TV watching. C’est la vie! We are trying to figure it out — maybe we will just have to watch it and text our comments to each other as the series progresses! It might be fun to do that and then chat about it later! We’ll see…

At 10 pm, Brynne wandered out of her room and we made a pot of tea (Exotica – delicious!) and settled down on the couch for a delightful cuppa, an episode of Castle and some chuckles from Failblog (a website of funny faux pas from the world wide web) and a couple of few handfuls of chocolate covered espresso beans.

All in all a delightful evening.

Today, I am grateful for beautiful flowers, delicious tea and a cozy evening of  togetherness!


*Hack*, *Sniffle* and Sneeze!

Ugh! I’m sick! Headache, muscle aches, chest congestion, sore throat… I don’t want to complain (okay, I DO want to complain, at least a little!), but it is definitely not fun to be sick!

So, I’ve been laying low for the past few days… sleeping lots, drinking fluids, taking ibuprofen — you know, trying to make myself comfortable (and less cranky)

However, there is an upside to suffering through a few days of misery — that is if you happen to live with a loving partner who wants you to feel better! My hubby has been cooking dinner (his special chili, with the secret ingredient — I believe it’s red wine, but shh!, don’t tell him that I know), fetching me cold and/or hot drinks and bringing me chocolate and other treats! I know — I’m spoiled, right?

Black & White Chili - photo and chili by Bruce
Black & White Chili – photo and chili by Bruce

This morning, I felt somewhat human, so we thought we would get out the house for a bit, just to “blow the stink off” as he says! We decided to get a bite to eat and wander around the shopping mall (we were running out of cold supplies — especially, chocolate!) We stopped in at David’s Tea to buy some Cream of Earl Grey, Earl’s Garden and Nuts to You. I also spotted the Tea of the Month, which is  Organic Super Ginger — the perfect blend to soothe my irksome cold symptoms.

I’ll be back to normal in a couple of days, I’m sure. In the meantime, I am going to try to keep my “crankiness” to a minimum by taking care of myself — getting enough rest and staying hydrated and it’s a good time to catch up on my reading!

Today I am thankful for a bed to sleep in, warm blankets to snuggle in, and a strong immune system to fight through a cold. I am grateful for caring family who administer TLC.