Summer Days — TBT

These lazy days of summer are flying by in a blur of sunny afternoon skies and long warm evenings sipping sangria on the patio. As I sit sipping my cold, fruity wine, I listen to the sounds of the neighbourhood — children laughing, adults chatting and families eating dinner outside, steaks and hotdogs sizzling on barbeques.

This cacophony of summer sent me into a reverie of seasons past and my thoughts drifted to days when my daughters were still at home. The fun days at the beach — with a picnic lunch and and drippy ice-cream cones melting in the sun. I remember days that turned to night as we sat on the sand and waited for the sun to set so we could ooh and ahh at stunning firework displays.

TBT to the Summer of 2010

I miss those days for sure — but I am also enjoying these times that are spent with alone with my husband. Blues and jazz playing on the stereo, quiet talks about books, life and watching movies on Netflix. Life is quieter now, slower, simpler — until the girls burst in the door for pizza night!!



The Tooth of the Lion

Blog Post #117

Do you like dandelions? Or are you one of the people who considers them to be an insidious weed that you MUST get rid of?

I love dandelions — their big, bright blooms shout out “joy”, the brilliant yellow faces smiling a greeting to all that go past. I’m really not a “lawn” person, I prefer my yard to be devoid of grass and filled instead with a variety of plants such as ornamental grasses, low shrubs, and pretty trees along with large rocks, benches and water features interspersed throughout. I wouldn’t mind the sunny Dandelion invading my lawn.


Dandelions are more than pretty blooms — they are nutrient rich and you can eat the entire plant — flowers, leaves, stems and roots! Dandelions have been used for medicinal purposes for hundreds of years and you can even make tea and a coffee-like drink from this versatile plant.  Dandelions can absorb pollutants so it is important to remember to harvest dandelions from areas that you are familiar with where there is no possibility that they have been exposed to car exhaust, herbicides or fertilizers.

make a wish

Don’t forget — dandelions are also great for making wishes — just wait for the flower to go to seed, then pick it, hold it up close to your face, make a wish and blow the little seed parachutes into the wind. If you blow all the seeds out, your wish will come true! You can find out who likes butter by holding the sunny, yellow flower under someone’s chin — if their chin shows yellow, well, that means that they like butter!





June Dreams

Blog Post #68

It’s the middle of June and summer is almost here bringing long, warm nights, days at the beach, ripe, juicy fruit, popsicles and ice cream.

I came across this quote, from L.M. Montgomery, Anne of the Island — and it made me imagine never-ending sunshine and languid days.

Lavender in June

“I wonder what it would be like to live in a world where it was always June.”


Brynne’s Daily Drawing #68

Brynne's Daily Drawing #68






Can’t Wait For Summer! My Favourite Sangria

Blog Post #27

Today was an absolutely gorgeous day  — sunny, blue skies and  a summer-like temperature of 27°C. A day that brought back memories of lazy, hazy days in the back yard with cucumber sandwiches and pitchers of sangria. Flowers blooming, bees buzzing, and a light breeze that added to the carefree feeling.

This reminiscing got me to thinking about a delicious sangria that I made last year. It is supposed to be another lovely day tomorrow. Time to cut up some fruit, add some ice, wine and fizzy water and starting sipping! This recipe is based on one from Jessica Merchant of How Sweet it is. Her recipe, Strawberry Satsuma Champagne Sangria, calls for more alcohol than I used in my version.


Orange, Strawberry Champagne Sangria


6  oranges (or any kind of orange that you prefer)  I used navel oranges cut into slices. If you use mandarins or another seedless, easy-peel variety — you can just add in the segments

8 ounces strawberries, hulled

1 pint raspberries

1 (750mL) bottle of chilled champagne, sweet or dry — your choice

2 ounces Grand Marnier liqueur or cherry brandy

4 ounces club soda

fresh mint for garnish


Add 2 of the oranges, the strawberries and raspberries to a large pitcher. Juice the remaining 4 oranges so that you have about 1/2 or 2/3 cup of orange juice. Add the champagne, Grand Marnier, club soda and brandy to the pitcher and stir everything together. Pour sangria over ice and serve with a mint leaf garnish.


*Be adventurous — substitute any fruit for the oranges or strawberries or add in any other fruit you like — lemons, limes, blueberries!


Brynne’s Daily Drawing #27

Day 27