Haiku Spring

Blog Post #339

The snow has melted
trees stand stark against the sky
spring rain falls softly

Puddle Jumping

Our long, cold winter is over and even though spring has brought more rain than sunshine, we’re happy because the snow has disappeared, the air is warmer and we can feel the promise of summer. Yesterday, on my way to work, I noticed that the trees and shrubs were beginning to bud! I even spotted a few rhododendrons blooming, their vibrant red petals ablaze in the dull morning light.

And at last, the cherry trees are burgeoning with the fresh, delicate pinkness of a thousand flowers just in time for the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival 2017. This annual event includes many activities including the popular VCBF 2017 Haiku Invitational  which is now open for submissions. You have until June 1st, 2017 to enter — so grab your pencils and start writing!


Haiku in the Rain

Blog Post #269

Hallelujah! The rain is here.

According to the weather reports, we are in for rain — lots of rain!  Hooray!

Finally, the snow and ice will disappear, will be melted and washed away by the torrent of rain that is on its way. The temperature has risen and it’s warmed up considerably (daytime highs in the double digits)

After a month of cold, snowy days, the warmer weather and rainfall are a welcome respite.  I cannot recall a winter where the snow and ice lasted the entire month of December. Thank goodness for the rain!

rainy-day image

I’ve got my Bogs and my umbrella — I’m not afraid of a bit of water — and I’m more than ready for some puddle jumping!

I’m only a little concerned that there may be extensive flooding because of all the snow melting…

The rain cascades down
drumming on the window panes
streams of water flow


It’s Raining Again — A Cold and Wet Haikuesday

Blog Post #206

The past couple of days have been blustery, cold and rainy — a big change from the balmy weather we experienced last week. Seriously, the temperature hit 19 degrees Celsius, a few days ago — in November!!!

Now it definitely feels like November — nippy breezes, and chilling rain.  Time to get out the gumboots, warm coats, hats and mittens — winter is coming!

I miss the sun… [sigh]

I haven’t forgotten that it’s Haikuesday and I have a simple poem to share — you can find it right under this beautiful photo that I found on Pexels. (I really don’t know what I would do without image banks like this.)

Winter Bird

Spring’s blooms forgotten / Summer days, a hazy blur / Cold winter draws near


Stormy Weather

Blog Post #183

It’s been a wild and crazy time out here on the”Wet Coast” as we call it (or sometimes, “Raincouver”). We’ve had Environment Canada, local meteorologists, and news stations warning us about the severe weather that was coming our way. We’ve had power outages, rain streaming down by the bucketful and fierce, blustery winds blowing through our streets. Stormy weather, for sure!


Today, though, during a lull in the severe weather system — when the rain had stopped and the wind was nothing more than a gentle breeze — I thought to myself how much I like the climate here. The rain doesn’t usually bother me much — it’s better than snow! As long as I have a good umbrella and my Bogs, I love to be out splashing about in the rain. And there is something about the sky and the air that is breathtaking after the rain stops and the sun comes out bringing light and warmth.

Even though, we are all snuggled in now, waiting for tonight’s next forecast onslaught  — I’m thinking of tomorrow when the storms will have passed by and there is nothing left but light showers and big puddles. I’m thinking that — I love people who smile when it is raining!

For your listening pleasure: Stormy Weather, sung by Etta James







Raindrops Keep Fallin’ On My Head…

HPIM2805This is my new old umbrella — I’d only been using it for a week! Granted, it only cost me $9.99 plus tax, but still you’d think it would have held up longer than seven days.

Look at it, some of the ribs are broken, the nylon has come off the points in some places it and the locking mechanism would spontaneously slide open while I was under it, becoming a hat rather than a rain shield.

For the past week or so, we have had gorgeous weather — sunny, warm and DRY! It was such a change from last month when we had nothing but rain —  A LOT of rain — honestly, I thought I was going to grow a set of gills behind my ears!

I’m not complaining, not really, because living on the “Wet Coast” means enjoying all the liquid sunshine that comes our way throughout the year. We never let a little water ruin our day!  As long as we have our gortex, gum boots and umbrellas, we’re ready to go.  I just had to get another  umbrella and this time I planned on getting a really good one.

So I did a little research and I checked out some “umbrella facts”.  I read up on some umbrella history, and did a little “surf” shopping to find  a well made umbrella for a not-too-exorbitant price. I learned a lot about umbrellas but I couldn’t find anything that I really liked online… I did, however, come across a gorgeous umbrella (from the umbrella shop!) at House Warmings, a cute little gift and home decor store at Grandview Corners. Now I am ready for puddle jumping. Bring on the rain!

My new umbrella!
My new umbrella!


Today was a gorgeous sunny day without a cloud in the sky – but of course, it is November on the West Coast and that usually means that the rain is on its way!

So even though I enjoyed the sunshine today, and I’m not really hoping for rain — I wanted to pay homage to this season here on the West Coast by posting a poem by one of my favourite poets, Robert Louis Stevenson.


The rain is falling all around,
It falls on field and tree,
It rains on the umbrellas here,
And on the ships at sea.

Robert Louis Stevenson
from A Child’s Garden of Verses


November Part II – Life on the “Wet” Coast

I’m singing in the rain, just singing in the rain; What a wonderful feeling, I’m happy again. Singin’ In the Rain – Arthur Freed

It’s time to admit it and put away the sunscreen and sunglasses because summer is over — the rainy season is here!

Since the rain is inevitable, the best thing to do is put on the gumboots, Gore-Tex jacket, pants and that funny looking waterproof hat and have some fun outside! You’re never to old to go puddle-jumping!! And as my mom used to say – a little water won’t hurt you!

There is something pleasant about a walk in the rain…the air smells different, it feels fresh. The beautiful red, yellow and orange leaves splash brilliant flashes of colour in the dreary, grey world. It IS fun to jump in all the puddles and feel like a child again, if only for a few moments.

Then there is the BEST part of a walk in the rain on a drab, soggy day — and that’s coming home, getting into dry clothes, curling up on the couch with a blanket and a steaming cup of hot chocolate and hunkering down with a good book in front of a roaring fire – while the rain patters on the windows!