One Word 365

Blog Post #252

I’m not into making New Year’s resolutions — I appreciate the concept — setting goals as a way of affecting a change is a time-honoured tradition that works for many people. But I have never had much luck keeping resolutions and I usually end up dropping the whole thing by the second or third week of January.

This year, I thought I would try the one word approach to resolution-making. This method involves considering and choosing one word that represents the changes you would like see happen in your life.  By focusing on one word and using it as a guide, you will have more success in affecting that change. At least, that’s the idea…

crayons photo

This challenge seems doable — I like the idea of using one word to guide and shape my days. I took some time to think about the kinds of things I wanted to do in 2017 — what did I want to change, what did I want to let go of, what did I want this new year to look like?

I tried on some words — patience, health, serenity, peace, energy, confidence — and the one word that seemed to fit the best was creativity. So that’s my word. Creativity.

I will face each new day with my chosen word in mind. How do I want to be creative today? What can I do differently today to be creative or to see creativity throughout each day?

Creativity — the word excites me, makes me happy, and I am looking forward to being more creative in many ways in 2017.