Words To Live By

Blog Post #341

There is a lot of advice, quotes and articles about finding happiness — but I think finding joy is simple.

As simple as a smile,  a laugh or an act of kindness. Below are a few words and phrases that help me experience a little more happiness every day.


Dance. Laugh. Sing. Breathe. Dream. Practice Kindness. Smile. Learn. Play. Read. Love. Be Generous.

Hope. Feel. Listen. Eat. Walk. Cherish. Be Mindful. Express Gratitude.

Do you have any words, sayings or quotations that help you feel joyous?


8 Ways to Happiness

Blog Post #326

We are all looking for ways to improve ourselves. Here are a few steps to be happy and content that I have found useful. I believe the fifth one is the most important step to take and it is easier than you think! The sixth one is the most fun!!


10 Steps to Happiness

  • Be humble
  • Laugh at yourself more often
  • Listen more, talk less
  • Smile, it’s contagious
  • Be grateful
  • Dance with abandon
  • Inspire others
  • Teach others
  • Give generously
  • Love unconditionally

How do you get happy?


And Now For Something Good…

Blog Post #321

I have been struggling writing these daily posts and I have finally figured out the reason. I am disheartened with mankind — from the devastating war in Syria, the horrible hot mess that is the United States of America, the nastiness that is bubbling to the surface everywhere in the world, yes, even here in Canada. I feel heavy-hearted, afraid, and worried every day.

And these feelings go against my basic nature. I am generally an optimistic, hopeful person willing to believe that people in general are essentially kind, loving and generous. But these days, this belief is sorely tested.

To ease my anxiety, I went in search of some feel-good stories that would restore my faith in humanity.

This is not to say that I am closing my eyes to the reality of events transpiring around the globe, instead I mean to try to focus on the many positive acts that are happening everywhere — to help spread positive messages in the hopes that they will reverberate in the hearts of people everywhere and affect a ripple of benevolent change.

Therefore, with the aim of spreading a little joy, optimism and happiness, here are two unrelated examples of positive and reassuring events that I read about this past week. May you find a little comfort and joy in them.

Ballet Slippers

Be Bold For Change

On International Women’s Day, the government of Iceland announced that it will eliminate the gender pay gap by 2022. Companies with more than 25 employees will be required to become certified as equal pay employers. Resistance is working.  Read more 

Ballerina Dreams

This wonderful, loving example of inclusion and acceptance made me ecstatic!

The New York City Ballet stepped up when the mother of a little girl with cerebral palsy asked them if they would consider holding a workshop for special needs children. Watch this (and have tissues at the ready). The video is from one of my favourite sites: Upworthy. Visit them for a dose of positivity. Find out more.


The Seven Wonders of the World — Do You Know What They Are?

Blog Post #320

There is a video that has been circulating the internet for a few years about the REAL seven wonders of the world. In fact, there are several floating around cyberspace — each a little different but all with essentially the same content and the same message. A lesson about what is important in life.

I love the list of the real wonders — I totally agree — but I wanted to credit the source of the story so I went on one of my little searches (with the help of my BFF, Google). In my foray, I found three or four video stories about a class of students — sometimes elementary kids, sometimes high schoolers — who were studying the classic wonders of the world. They discussed the magnificent edifices: the Taj Mahal, the Great Pyramids, the Great Wall of China, etc. They voted on the ones they thought were the most awe-inspiring. One of the students had a completely different list — this is the theme of the video(s) — and that list gave everyone pause.

After a bit of searching, I gave up finding the original source of this story — but I want to share the list. It is sentimental, and I am sure that some will find it treacly, simplistic and idealistic. I think it has merit and the wonders listed are ones we all take for granted. I believe that we should think about, remember and be grateful for all seven of these wonders.

Seven Wonders of the World

Would you add anything to this list?


A Love Haiku on the Sweetest Day

Blog Post #297

Bouquets of flowers
pretty chocolate boxes
pink, and red hearts — Love

Happy Valentine’s Day! A day filled with the heady scent of roses, boxes (and boxes) of chocolates, and mountains of greeting cards expressing love in its many forms.

valentine day

I hope you got it all —  flowers, chocolates, a romantic dinner at a fancy restaurant — you deserve it all!


Be Mine, Valentine!

Blog Post #296

Are looking for ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day without breaking the bank? In our house, we commemorated our 30th wedding anniversary (kind of a big one, right?!) at the end of January, so we feel like Valentine’s Day is a little anti-climatic. This year we are planning a low-key, quiet evening on February 14th (yep, that’s tomorrow!)

valentine image

There are a lot of simple and romantic ideas to try that are free (or low cost) that you may be interested in. I had a lot of fun sourcing out these heartfelt ways to make Valentine’s Day memorable without spending a lot. Check them out — you may find some ideas that you love!

Make your own cards

Grab your crayons, felt markers, red construction paper, glue and scissors. Then let your creative juices flow. Write down the qualities of your beloved that you admire most, or compose a short, cheesy love poem. This handmade gesture is guaranteed to be treasured by the recipient. If you are stuck for ideas on design or verse: check out these sites for inspiration and how-tos.

25 Cute and Clever DIY Valentine’s Day Cards

Martha Stewart – Valentine’s Day Cards

25+ Easy DIY Valentine’s Day Cards

Easy Valentine’s Day Cards 

Or do a Google search or browse Pinterest for ideas that suit you best.

Get Cooking

Cook up a romantic dinner for two. Concoct your meal using items you already have in your pantry and fridge for a no cost option. If you feel like something special, take a trip to the grocery store (don’t forget to take your shopping list!) Splurge on a bottle of wine. For added romance — cook together!

Some of my favourite sites for special menus include these: Valentine’s Day Dinner Recipes, Celebrate Valentine’s Day, and Romantic Recipes — Jamie Oliver.  Bon appetit!

Movie Night

What could be more romantic than snuggling on the couch, with a glass of wine and a movie on Netflix. Fix your favourite snack, dim the lights and watch your favourite love story while cozied up beside your sweetheart. Stuck for a film title? Try one of these: Chocolat, Roman Holiday, Up, An Affair to Remember, Sleepless in Seattle, or The Princess Bride.

Think of your self(ie)

Have some fun with your significant other, using Snapchat or Instagram. Grab your phone, get goofy, snap some candid shots, add filters, and post on your social media. Confused about Snapchat? Watch this tutorial for tips and guidelines for using this popular social media channel.


3 fun facts about the sweetest holiday

  • 190 million cards are exchanged on Valentine’s Day in the US alone, according to the Greeting Card Association  — that’s the second most popular time to send a greeting card! Christmas is the first.
  • Sweethearts® makes enough candy “conversation” hearts annually for everyone in the world to have one. That’s a lot of sweet talk!
  • According to reference.com, 200 million roses are grown worldwide in anticipation of Valentines’s Day, with 100 million of the beauties sold in the US annually on February 14th.

Have a fantastic Valentine’s Day tomorrow! Spread the love! ❤


Haiku For Hope

Blog Post #283

Dark days are looming
Stand strong for humanity
We must act with love


Now more than ever, people everywhere must add their voices for peace, humanity, and love of all.  Now is the time to gather together to fight the GOOD fight — without violence and with the conviction love will win.


Where Did The Time Go?

Blog Post #276

Today is our 30th wedding anniversary. Thirty years!!

I can’t believe it’s been that long — three decades — gone in a blink of an eye!! How did that happen?

We’ve had our ups and downs, for sure, what couple hasn’t? But we’ve had more good times than bad and we’ve weathered a few storms over the years. We’ve raised two beautiful daughters, built an awesome family.

Now we’re headed into our “golden years”, a time of change  — new roles, new priorities, new challenges and new adventures. We don’t know what lies ahead, but we do know that we will face the future together.

I’m fairly certain that there are exciting experiences coming our way and I’m looking forward to the next 30 years!

I love you, my dearest — Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary