Five Friday Fun Facts

Blog Post #272

Ah… the end of the work week. We’re tired (and maybe a little stressed) from a long five-day stint at the office. Time for Friday Fun Facts.

Can there be a better way to relax and have a little chuckle than to explore a little trivia?

For instance, did you know that…?

…you can burn up to 350 calories a day when you are sitting — when you fidget, rather than remaining still.  Tapping your foot, jiggling your leg, or even twiddling your thumbs can actually help you lose weight! That’s my kind of exercise regime!


…there are 1,665 steps lead up to the top of the Eiffel Tower. If you are thinking of climbing them the next time you are in Paris — I hope you will be wearing your most comfy walking shoes!

…in 2014, Cards against Humanity bought an island in Maine to preserve wildlife. Hawaii 2, as it is now called, was initially purchased for CAH’s 2014 Holiday Bullshit campaign as a gift to their 250,000 subscribers. The island is now open to the public for camping and hiking.


…75,000 trees  could be saved by recycling a single run of the Sunday New York Times and if all newspapers were recycled, that number would rise to 250,000 trees.

…in 1952, Mr. Potato Head, was the first toy to be advertised on television.  The toy originally was comprised of face pieces that were then stuck in potatoes to make funny faces. The ad featured the Hasbro mascot introducing the vegetable “disguise kit” to a couple of children. Watch the ad here:


Saturday Round Up — Fun & Interesting Things on the Web

Blog Post #259

This is a short list of a few things I came across through my usual web “research” this past week.

A Commercial Story

This ad, made by 26-year-old Eugen Merher — is a touching, commercial that depicts the story of a former marathon runner now living in a retirement home and his quest to “break free” while wearing a pair of old Adidas. Eugen, a student at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, sent his film to the company but did not receive a response.

An engaging promo that captures the strength of the human spirit and evokes an emotional response that people can completely relate to. Endearing and professional — Adidas, what were you thinking?


A New Year’s Wish

I love this quote by one of my favourite authors, Neil Gaiman. 



Her Final Speech

Michelle Obama gave her final speech as First Lady of the United States. As always, her words were uplifting, kind, intelligent and well-spoken. I think that this woman is an amazing example of grace, strength, class, and leadership — an outstandingl role model for young women and an inspiration to all women around the world.

Listen to her speak:


Father Knows Best

I LOVE this video! This dad got it right — his morning ritual with his young daughter is so sweet, loving and empowering. An awesome way to build esteem in little children.  What a great dad!


A Sheepish Tale

And finally this is an adorable short animated film. It tells the tale of a shepherd who tries to leave his flock in their pasture while he attends a Sunday morning church service. Enjoy this cute, funny little movie.




List I – Meatless Monday

Lists are good. Lists are helpful. To-do lists, top ten lists, mailing lists, shopping lists, laundry lists — even Santa has a list (he checks it twice!)  I decided that it would do me good to get in the habit of making lists — I imagine that this small change will help me get organized, remember things and generally make my life a little easier.

So I am making a grocery list for this coming week’s Meatless Monday meals  — lunch and dinner!  Actually, I have these two recipes pinned to a “board” in my Pinterest account. ( Pinterest is kind of like a list holder – a good reason to keep on pinning – as if I needed an excuse.)

Below is my list of the main ingredients that I need to make two meals — Lemon Quinoa Cilantro Chickpea Salad. Click here for the recipe (you will have to scroll down quite a way to find it) and Golden Door’s Red Lentil Veggie Burger. Find the recipe here. I am so looking forward to eating both of these dishes!

Brown rice
Cherry tomatoes
Edamame beans
Italian parsley
Red bell pepper
Red lentils
Red onion
Serrano chile
Shiitake mushrooms



I gave up making New Year’s Resolutions long ago. You know the old story: on January 1st pledge to fulfill a long list of commitments such as lose weight, go to the gym, get organized, learn something new, blog more often — then on January 2nd promptly forget all about it.

However, I do like to look back at the past year and remember all the trials and triumphs, the joys and sadness that were shared with family and friends. And while I do not make any resolutions these days, I do think about how I want to live my life in the year that is unfolding.

I recently discovered a quote on a website that expresses exactly what I would like to strive for every day of 2012 and beyond. It is this: “Think good. Eat whole. Walk far.” from Peaceful Daily.

Peace, Love and Joy for 2012!