Wednesday Wisdom — or How to Prepare Corn the Easy Peasy Way

Oh, hello there! How is your summer going? The weather out here on the West Coast has been gorgeous — sunny and hot. I’m reveling in this season — going for walks in the early morning when the air is cool and fresh, reading a lot, eating ice cream, exploring our parks and beaches and generally enjoying these lazy summer days! It’s heavenly!

Beach photo
A walk on the beach at Deep Cove

Not only are my days feeling a bit lazy, I find I’m also in summer mode in the evenings, often getting lost in cyberspace after dinner. Seriously. I just discovered Wallander on Netflix and I have been binge-watching the entire series — only two episodes left! I have to admit [with a sheepish grin] that I have several more TV things lined up — like Marvel’s The Defenders, House of Cards, Sense8. And…we just discovered Amazon Prime — hello, Man in the High Castle! Of course, I’m still getting hopelessly distracted by all the pretty things on Pinterest. Phew! – maybe someone should put some sort of lock on my laptop — I may be getting out of control!!

Ahem, well, that’s enough about my procrastinating ways… I really wanted to tell you about this great hack I stumbled across on Pinterest. It is THE easiest way to deal with corn on the cob that I have ever seen! It seemed crazy simple — I couldn’t wait to try it — I LOVE fresh corn in the summer, but I hate the husking.

The instructions for this tip are straightforward: cut the stalk end of the cob off, put the ear on a microwave safe plate and zap it for 2 or 3 minutes. Then grab the cob by the uncut end and squeeze. Voilà, the steamed cob should slide right out of the husk — no fuss, no muss.  I was curious to find out if this little trick would work — I crossed my fingers and pressed “nuke”.

It works!

No struggling to pull off tightly bound leaves, no painstakingly stripping away fine corn silk, no mess to clean up afterward. Yowza! If you haven’t tried this yet, do it — you will be amazed!

Ear of Corn
Corn cob ready to go into the microwave


Corn on the Cob
After 2 minutes, I’m squeezing the corn out of the husk – it’s hot, so I’m wearing an oven mitt!


Check out the hack from America’s Test Kitchen’s YouTube channel for a detailed description of the process: