Belly Laugh

Blog Post #358

Tonight was a low-key evening. I’m still not feeling 100% so we had an easy dinner (a hearty split pea soup) and settled on the sofa to watch a movie — thank you, Netflix!

After bit of a search, we found an old classic, Monty Python’s And Now For Something Completely Different, one of our favourite comedies from way back when. It was just the thing to take my mind off the last stages of my nasty cold.


Watching the movie, brought back a lot of nostalgic memories and I still find it quite hilarious. Of course, it is extremely silly — but antics of the British comedy troupe never fail to tickle my funny bone!

Woman laughing

I thought back to the weekly TV show, Monty Python’s Flying Circus and some of my favourite sketches. Self Defense Against Fresh Fruit, Vocational Guidance Counselor, Hungarian Phrase Book, and the side-splitting Parrot Sketch. All amusing, entertaining and memorable. One sketch that always has me in stitches is the uproarious Argument Clinic.

If you loved Monty Python and the Flying Circus, check out their YouTube channel and watch many of their classic skits. You’ll be rolling on the floor laughing for sure!


Can’t Get Enough of Ted

Blog Post #141

I just finished watching another batch of TED talks. As usual, I found them fascinating, compelling and uplifting. An this time, uproariously funny!  I subscribe to the ezine, Today’s TED Talk — and I usually watch one or more videos at some point during the week.  I want to share three of them with you.

In this first TED talk, Tim Urban shows us what is Inside the Mind of a Master Procrastinator.  Hilarious, and a hits more that a little close to home!

Then I watched James Veitch as he describes a unique way to handle a common, modern social media problem in  The Agony of Trying to Unsubscribe.

And lastly, the funny, quirky Arab-American comedienne, Maysoon Zayid speaking about disability, racism and living her dream, in her TED talk, I Got 99 Problems…Palsy is Just One.