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Summer Memories

I am trying out a new web-based service, IFTTT, that connects all your web services (Instagram, WordPress, Twitter, Gmail, etc.) together — like sharing your Instagram photos to your WordPress blog.

The flower photo above was shared to this blog post via this service automatically when I posted it on Instagram a few minutes ago.

IFTTT is easy to set up and works fairly seamlessly, but I think that I would like to do more exploring before I start using it in earnest. I like to have more control over the look and feel of my posts, and I noticed in the dashboard of IFTTT, I can choose when/how the image will be posted on my blog. I had it set to the default, which is “publish immediately”, but I found that there are other publishing options: “save as a draft” or “publish privately.”

The next time I do this, I will choose “save as a draft” which makes a lot sense to me. This will give me the opportunity to tweak the post, add tags, or even delete the post altogether.

It is an easy way to get my instagram posts on to my wordpress site and that makes me happy!

Now if I could only convince Facebook to allow WordPress to publicize my blog posts to my FB timeline — who’s with me?

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Is That Really Me?

Blog Post #264

Lately, I have been trying hard to improve my photography — taking more photos, getting more practice, trying to get creative — and I think I have been improving. Of course, I’ve only been doing this with my phone camera. I love using my phone, because, well, I always have it with me and it is a lot easier to manage than our Nikon DSLR. (Learning how to use THAT camera is high on my “to-do-list”)

One thing that I have not mastered, however, is the art of taking a selfie! It seems easy, but I don’t think it is. My daughters both take gorgeous selfies — and they have given me a few tips, but I just can’t seem to get it right! Maybe it’s because I don’t usually like photos of myself.

Anyway, I would like to snap a selfie here and there — Instagram would be a little more fun if I could take some decent pics of mself!

Check out these two samples— then you might understand what I’m talking about!

What I think my selfie will look like…

Photo of a model


What my selfie actually looks like…

Photo of Me

Guess I’ll just have to keep practicing — right?



Smile, You’re on Instagram

Blog Post #118

Back in May, I wrote about Instagram and how I was a bit unsure of the whole platform.

Well, it’s been almost three months now and things have changed somewhat. I definitely post more photos — and while I am not much better at photography than before, I do have a new phone (Samsung Galaxy S6) which takes great photos!

I’m getting used to posting pics and I’m actually getting the hang of hashtags (or at least I THINK I’m getting the hang of them!!) #ilovehashtags #iknowhowtousethem #arenticlever #whatsahashtag


It seems to me that the photos that people like the most — at least those that see my photos — are pictures of animals, food, and nature. Oh, and of course, celebrities! (I don’t post photos of celebrities — because I don’t run into many famous people — Misha Collins, where do you hang out when you’re in Vancouver??)

Anyway, I do find it interesting to see what kinds of photos people like to see, and I have to admit that I do post a lot of kitty pics (I have 2 cats), food pics (especially pics of delicious food I am about to eat!) and nature (these are the easiest ones, after all, I live in SuperNatural BC — there are fabulous scenic views all around me, every day!)


There are so many fantastic people to follow on Instagram and I love to find new accounts to track.

Here are some of the newest people that I keep tabs on — you might like them, too!

Vancouver is Awesome  — they post the best photos of Vancouver, BC. If you post your own awesome pics of the “jewel of the Pacific”, you might just find your pics featured on VIA. (Don’t forget to tag them with #vancouverisawesome)

Room Porn — posts gorgeous photos of home interiors, exteriors and architecture, too.

Kin’s Market — a mouth-watering collection of fresh fruit and veggie photos

Vancouver Art Gallery — the largest art museum in Western Canada is on Instagram!

Gedun Wangchuk, a Tibetan Buddhist monk posts serene, tranquil photos. Check out this account to get that peaceful, easy feeling.

And one of my very favourites: Humans of New York  — photos of every day people who walk the streets of New York city. HONY’s website is worth a look see too.

What Instagram accounts do you follow?



Say Cheese — I’m on Instagram!

Blog Post #41

This is the latest Instagram photo that I posted. It’s a photo of my daughter that I took at our place when we had a family dinner and party on her 24th birthday. Love her glasses — so fun!!

Brynne on Insta

I’m not sure about Instagram,— sure, I upload photos (but I really don’t like my phone’s camera), and I am getting the hang of using hashtags #shedoesntknowwhatshesdoing #instagramwhatsitallabout, but I get the feeling that I am missing something.

Maybe, it’s because I choose not to get notifications from Instagram when someone I follow posts a new pic, or likes one of my photos. Maybe, it’s because, I can go for days weeks without taking a photo let alone post it to my account. Or, maybe, it’s just that I don’t want to post one more cute pic of my cats!

Also, I think I need a lot more PRACTICE at taking photos with my phone. This is the usual scenario: I finally notice something going on that I think would make a great pic. I fumble in my purse for my phone and open the camera app. Focus, and tap — nothing happens. Focus again, tap — nothing. Sigh in frustration, look up to see if my shot is still there — camera snaps. Result – beautiful shot of the floor!

I know that I am doing something ridiculously silly — seriously, I do know how to operate a camera, really! But somehow the camera on this phone gets the better of me every time. Jeez — point and shoot — that’s it. But it seems that I touch the wrong spot at the wrong time. (I have read that the manufacturer cheaped out on the camera on this kind of phone — it’s a “mini” so I guess some sacrifices were made to accommodate the smaller size.)

Well… I admit, I am getting a little better. I do get a good picture every now and then. You know, I really miss my Blackberry! My Blackberry took awesome photos AND I never had any trouble taking one with it.

The other thing about Instagram — I’m not sure that I like having to scroll through all the photos in my feed to see what other people have posted. I pretty sure that I am missing some great photos. I guess, to overcome that, I will have to opt to get notified when my favourite people post something new. I’m just not sure that I am prepared to get that many notifications on my phone all the time — it’s distracting!!

Here is a list of some of the interesting people and organizations that I follow — in no particular order.

Brynne Johnston — my favourite artist

earthpix — beautiful photos from around the world sent it by various people

Tap Restaurant — one of my favourite restaurants in the Lower Mainland

Nasa — gorgeous shots of things in space

Cirque du Soleil — Photos and Videos that are exhilarating and beautiful

Vancouver is Awesome — Stunning photos of Vancouver BC

As with all new things, I realize that I have to make an effort to learn about it, understand it, USE it, and have fun with it. So, I will keep trying — I know that sooner or later, I will be writing a blog post about my latest obsession — Instagram!!

Now — tell me all about Snapchat…


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