Blog Post #298

It’s Wednesday — the middle of the week. How are you feeling today? Blah? Tired? Joyful? Hopeful?

I’m feeling happy, and kind of wonder-stricken. With all the turmoil and despair in the world, I have been trying to focus on the good things around me and looking for glimpses of hope and optimism. I was encouraged a great deal when I came across 20 Good News Stories You Didn’t Hear About. If you need a bit of a lift, this is the article to read!

I also found a quote that helped me rethink my attitude — one that I think will be helpful when I find myself feeling hopeless, miserable or heavy-hearted. Words that will help me feel energized, happy and creative. Do you have a quotation or saying that fills you with wonder?

buddha quote


Monday Motivation — Hope

Blog Post #282

It is hard to find a sense of hope when things seem so dark in our world. I am trying to believe that right will win — I am struggling to believe there is hope…

hope image


I Dream of Peace

Blog Post #247

Whew! That was a lot of cooking and a lot of flying paper and a lot of merriment!

Our Christmas celebration was a jam-packed day of togetherness: opening gifts, eating, cooking the big turkey dinner, eating, drinking, eating, playing board games, eating… Oh, and laughter — lots of laughter!

Today, Boxing Day, was much, much quieter. I can’t believe it’s all over and done.  All the preparation, decorating, wrapping — done! All that’s left is the makings of turkey casseroles, soup and sandwiches — enough to last through the week!

snowflake photo

But, I feel full. Full of not only good food, but full of love, joy and peace. I’m not sure why, but I also feel full of hope — hope — that my daughters will grow and continue to be healthy and happy, that my husband and I will, also, remain in good health and live each day to the fullest. Hope — that the world will move towards tolerance and love and strive to end poverty, hatred, and war. Hope — that we will all find our way to cherish and care for each other — all of us, everywhere.

I dream of Peace on Earth.