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Spring is in the Air — A Haiku Poem

17 Apr

Blog Post #359

Today is International Haiku Day — so of course, I did what anyone would do — I wrote a haiku!

It was a gorgeous day and my haiku is a tribute to the season. I love walking outdoors and noticing the budding trees and the blossoming shrubs. It lightens my soul and brightens my day to see flowers poking their heads out of the earth, preparing to burst forth in a showy hue. Soon the world will be awash in the beautiful colours of spring: fresh green, vibrant yellow, deep red and bright pink. I love the vibrancy of Spring!


Spring’s beauty unfolds
red tulips wave in the breeze
tree buds unfurl green


The Tooth of the Lion

7 Aug

Blog Post #117

Do you like dandelions? Or are you one of the people who considers them to be an insidious weed that you MUST get rid of?

I love dandelions — their big, bright blooms shout out “joy”, the brilliant yellow faces smiling a greeting to all that go past. I’m really not a “lawn” person, I prefer my yard to be devoid of grass and filled instead with a variety of plants such as ornamental grasses, low shrubs, and pretty trees along with large rocks, benches and water features interspersed throughout. I wouldn’t mind the sunny Dandelion invading my lawn.


Dandelions are more than pretty blooms — they are nutrient rich and you can eat the entire plant — flowers, leaves, stems and roots! Dandelions have been used for medicinal purposes for hundreds of years and you can even make tea and a coffee-like drink from this versatile plant.  Dandelions can absorb pollutants so it is important to remember to harvest dandelions from areas that you are familiar with where there is no possibility that they have been exposed to car exhaust, herbicides or fertilizers.

make a wish

Don’t forget — dandelions are also great for making wishes — just wait for the flower to go to seed, then pick it, hold it up close to your face, make a wish and blow the little seed parachutes into the wind. If you blow all the seeds out, your wish will come true! You can find out who likes butter by holding the sunny, yellow flower under someone’s chin — if their chin shows yellow, well, that means that they like butter!




Lavender’s Blue

5 Jun

Blog Post #57

Imagine, if you will, a beautiful, warm, sunny morning  — blue sky, slight breeze and three friends on their way on a little adventure. Their destination? A tranquil lavender farm tucked away in the Fraser Valley. That was Dani, Judi and I on our way to the Tuscan Farm Gardens in Abbotsford on this gorgeous Sunday morning.

Have you been to a lavender farm? It is spectacular, especially at the height of the blooming season!

Lavender at Tuscan Farm Gardens

Lavender at Tuscan Farm Gardens



Another view of the lavender at the farm

Lavender is a hardy, perennial that can grow up to 60 centimetres tall. Lavender can be planted in flower beds, or along the edge of a path or even in containers, adding their colour and fragrance to where ever it grows.

Did you know that lavender can have purple flowers that range from pale mauve to deep blue or intense violet as well as white or pink?

Lavender has many uses and benefits; from culinary delights in honey, tea and coffee (try Lavender and Earl Grey tea, or an iced lavender coffee or a lavender latte) — to aromatherapy uses to soothe insect bites, to induce a calm, serene mood for relaxation, and stress relief.

Water Lily at the lavender farm

Water Lily at the lavender farm

We arrived at the farm, ready for a leisurely walk around the gardens, happy and chatting. The air was delicately scented with the flowers in bloom and the view was awash in the vibrant colours of showy petals — roses: pale yellow, vivid pink, luscious reds; swathes of poppies, blazing red in green fields — and of course, lavender. The purple, and mauve hues of the lavender plants washed across the green fields in a cloudy haze.


Judi sitting in the gazebo

We followed the path cut through the lavender, bees humming busily among the flowers, sipping the sweetness of the plants. Every few steps, we breathed in the heady scent of the lavender. Heavenly…


Dani talking to Judi in the gazebo



Yellow roses in bloom at Tuscan Farm Gardens



Vista of lavender



Walking down the lavender path


Lavender 17

Outside the apothecary at the farm



Friends at the farm — laughter, sunshine and lavender!

The day was perfect — I can’t think of a more wonderful way to spend a Sunday than with beautiful women in a lovely garden surrounded by lavender.


Brynne’s Daily Drawing #57

Brynne's Daily Drawing #57

The Bachelor, Gerbera Daisies and a Tea Party

7 Jan
Beautiful flowers and pretty teacups

Beautiful flowers and pretty teacups

I’m still feeling a little “flu-ish”, but  I feel better than I did yesterday, so, yay!!

I adorned the house today with little vases of colourful gerbera daisies today. Brynne brought them home from her work at the corner store — bouquets and pots of cut posies that have been around too long and will soon wilt, but still pretty enough to enjoy for a day or two. Daisies are my favourite flower and the bright, cheerful blossoms gave me a real lift!

The new season of The Bachelor began tonight. This program was one that my daughter, Bailey and I used to watch together. It isn’t really my kind of show, but it is a lot of fun to watch with her and so I guess it has grown on me. Unfortunately, now that Bailey has moved out on her own, it is a little harder to get together for Monday night TV watching. C’est la vie! We are trying to figure it out — maybe we will just have to watch it and text our comments to each other as the series progresses! It might be fun to do that and then chat about it later! We’ll see…

At 10 pm, Brynne wandered out of her room and we made a pot of tea (Exotica – delicious!) and settled down on the couch for a delightful cuppa, an episode of Castle and some chuckles from Failblog (a website of funny faux pas from the world wide web) and a couple of few handfuls of chocolate covered espresso beans.

All in all a delightful evening.

Today, I am grateful for beautiful flowers, delicious tea and a cozy evening of  togetherness!

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