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Dust Off Your Bowling Shoes!

This installment of the continuing series about the community in City Central features Dell Lanes and Lounge —the place for bowling fun in the historic Whalley area since 1959. The entire article is posted here.

As the door swings open to the entrance of Dell Lanes and Lounge, the thunder of bowling balls rumbling down the alley assails the senses. The unmistakeable crash of falling pins herald a strike amid cheers from the sidelines. The cacophony brings back a nostalgic feeling. How long has it been since I have been in a bowling alley?

Dell Lanes has been in operation in Surrey for 58 years, providing the community with the ages old entertainment of five-pin bowling. (Factoid: Thomas Ryan invented 5 pin bowling in Toronto in 1909, in response to complaints of his customers that the ten-pin ball was too heavy and the game was too slow. Five pin bowling is only played in Canada! — Bowl Ontario 5 Pin.)

The Dell Lanes bowling alley has been owned by the Cooper family since 2002 and today, is managed by a family member, Kayla Cooper. “I basically grew up here,” she grins “I have pictures of me as a toddler happily playing around the lanes. I first started working as a pin chaser when I was 16 and worked my way through the ranks from the kitchen to finally, manager.”

Bowling has had its surges in popularity over the years and Kayla says that today the sport is most popular with families, kids and college students looking for something fun to do that won’t break the bank.

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Meet Me at Whalley’s Corner

 Note: This post is an excerpt from an article that I wrote for Surrey604 Magazine. Read the entire article and see more photos here.

Sprite Multimedia Systems
Mike, owner, Sprite Multimedia Systems Ltd.

This multi-part feature series explores the Whalley historic district with stories about some of Surrey’s long-standing businesses and their owners and new comers who are making a difference to the city and its residents. In 1925, Arthur Whalley opened a service station at what is now the intersection of 108th Avenue, Grosvenor Road and King George Boulevard. This busy commercial hub became known as Whalley’s Corner.

Today, Whalley’s Corner is the entrance to the Historic Whalley District which includes City Centre and the surrounding neighbourhood. Whalley is the most densely populated and urban of the six town centres in the city of Surrey. This diverse community of residents and businesses, some of which have been operating and living in the area for decades. These long-standing and new businesses are passionately committed to area and through involvement with the Whalley Community Improvement Association and the Downtown Surrey Business Improvement Association are committed to revitalizing this enduring district.


A Picture is Worth 1000 Words

Blog Post #105

This weekend we spent some time at the 2-Day Surrey Fusion Festival — which is billed as “the ultimate celebration of music, food and culture.” That’s accurate, I would say.

The 2016 festival event, now in its 9th year, is truly a multicultural extravaganza — with 39 pavilions celebrating countries from Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, the Caribbean and North America. Each pavilion showcased traditional food and local crafts. The park was buzzing for the two days — boisterous revelry creating a friendly, exciting atmosphere of fun and community.

Gardens of the World
An invitation to explore the gardens of the world.

We spent the two days wandering around the tents, admiring the handiwork, eating delicious treats — empanadas, crepes, curries, bbq, special rice and noodle dishes and more — there was so many mouthwatering choices, it was impossible to taste everything we wanted in two short days! There were mini-performances at various pavilions and long shows at all of the five stages — even a cooking stage which featured local chefs.

I was eating, watching, playing and enjoying all that the festival had to offer — do you wonder why I didn’t tons of photos. However, I did manage to get a few shots to share with you. As the saying goes, “A picture is worth a 1000 words.” Enjoy!


Polynesian Dancers
Polynesian dancers from the Tonga pavilion
Scottish lassies
Bonny lassies dancing at the Scotland exhibit
Lass and laddie
The wee bairns — so adorable!
Mortal Koil
The tallest princess in the world!
So many games to play — even a GIANT game of chess!

It was a great two days — I’m already marking next year’s festival in my calendar — I don’t want to miss it!