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Cherry Haiku

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After our long winter, it is exhilarating to see daffodils sway in the breeze, to notice the budding branches and to find rhododendrons getting ready to explode their colour throughout the neighbourhood. The cherry trees have finally blossomed and Vancouver is swathed in the frothy pink of delicate petals.

Cherry Tree

Morning sun rises
warm spring breezes stir the air
cherry blossoms falls

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Cherry, Cherry!

Blog Post #4
It may be a cliché, but when the cherry trees bloom, I immediately think of haiku. Perhaps, it’s because in the Lower Mainland of BC where ever you walk in the spring, you walk under a blossoming fruit tree. Cherry, plum, apple – their fragrant, delicate flowers never fail to inspire and awe.

If you live in Vancouver or are visiting, you can participate in the annual Cherry Blossom Festival from now until April 17,  and enjoy the beauty of the city in bloom! Tourism Vancouver even has a guide to the best places to view the 40,000 cherry trees exploding with pink and white blossoms!

The Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival has been an annual community celebration since 2005. Through music, photography, and art, the festival lauds the delicate blooms, promotes learning about the 35 varieties of cherry trees in Vancouver and features the Haiku Invitational Contest. Want to know more history about cherry trees in Vancouver? Read this.

My friend, Dani, (you can read her lovely heritage garden blog here), once encouraged her friends to participate in Haiku Tuesday on her Facebook page. It was so much fun to create the short poems, and even more fun to read other friends’ compositions. Hmm…maybe it’s time to try that again.

One day last week, I saw a gorgeous cherry tree bursting with blossoms — it took my breath away! So, thinking of haiku, I wrote this little poem:

The spring breeze whispers
petals fall soft at my feet
faint fragrance wafts up

Do you like writing haiku? Join in the festivities and submit your compositions to the 2016 Haiku Invitational!


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