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A Cat, A Comics Artist & A Haiku

Cat Image
Phoebe’s Portrait

Last year,we contributed to the Kickstarter project Furr: A Comic Anthology About Cats. This project was the brainchild of Alex Park, the founder of Tabulit, an online publishing platform committed to building a creative economy for indie webcomic artists and providing a platform for comic lovers to read and subscribe to a range of comic genres.

As part of our contribution to the Kickstarter campaign, we were entitled to receive an original portrait of our cat done by one of the artists featured in the anthology, along with a printed copy of the anthology.

After looking through the artists, we decided to choose to have our cat’s picture done by Ross Brownell-Dupont. Ross is a talented illustrator and comics artist with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Emily Carr University of Art & Design. He works in ink, watercolour and pen.

A few days ago, we received Phoebe’s portrait in the mail — we were so excited! Ross’ work delighted us — we couldn’t have been more pleased. What do you think? Isn’t she beautiful? And we think that Ross captured her character perfectly.

If you are interested, Ross is available for commission work. You can reach him at

If you want to read some excellent webcomics, check out Tabulit — you can even read my daughter’s work there!


Hey! I haven’t forgotten that it is Haikuesday! I composed this little poem for my lovely Phoebe.

Cat, you calmly sit
staring with determined will
a bird trills a note


Woods & Bramble — An Anti-Fairytale

Blog Post #239

Woods & Bramble, a serial comic book by Brynne Johnston, an innovative, new artist in the field of illustrated narratives.

Woods is a thistle, overgrown into a girl; Bramble is a rock, weathered into a man. Their story stumbles across their partially-made world, as they delve into a search for others like them. In a folksy-meets-science-fiction journey, Woods and Bramble find the others they seek: but then must come to terms with the consequences of accepting strangers into their forest. Exploring their newly expanding world, they discover that they, too, are changing. With an anti-fairytale flourish, Woods and Bramble struggle to accept themselves, each other, and their exceedingly dubious place in the universe. ~ “Woods & Bramble” introduction, on Tabulit.

Woods & Bramble Cover Art

Illustrated with whimiscal drawings, in a muted colour palette, Woods & Bramble explores a world different from the one we know, but touches on social constructs that are all too familiar to us. As the two main characters discover new wonders about themselves and their world, they collide with concepts such as acceptance, tolerance, and belonging. This comic may seem capricious and fanciful, but it has a subtle, dark edge that forces one to look beyond the sweetness of the illustrations to some harsher, underlying truths.

Woods & Bramble is available to enjoy on Tabulit, a new and exciting digital publishing platform that circulates novels and comics on the web. The platform operates on a token system, offering subscribers 5 free tokens upon sign-up.

The goal of Tabulit is to provide a space for writers and illustrators to publish and get paid for their work — a place that simplifies the publishing process while promoting new and established creatives. A place where readers can enjoy up and coming artists and discover new favourites.

In the words of the founders: Tabulit is a place for indie creators to make their works easily accessible, and for people to find unique novels and comics that they can enjoy on the go.

If you love comics (and novels) and want to be the first to read the newest works — check out Tabulit. And while you’re there, take a look at Woods & Bramble with 8 parts now available in the serial.

Full disclosure: Woods & Bramble is a works authored by my daughter, so I do have a certain level of bias in my championing of this comic. If you enjoy comic books, graphic novels or anything fresh and unique, I encourage you to check out her work. 

TBT – Eagles in the City in 2009

Blog Post #109

In 2009, the BC Lions Society ran a community art project, Eagles in the City, in support of its Easter Seal Services. This project had local artists, creating unique designs on 7.5 foot fibreglass bald eagles which were then displayed in public places throughout participating cities in Greater Vancouver, Vancouver Island and the BC Interior. This was the third in the BC Lions’ trilogy of art projects — Orcas in the City, Spirit Bears in the City and Eagles in the City

The eagle in the following two photographs — showing the front and the back of the sculpture — is entitled “The Forest” by Stewart Jacobs. It was displayed at 666 Burrard Street in Vancouver.

Back of the Eagle sculpture “The Forest”. Is that Bruce bowing to the eagle?


Front view of “The Forest” — Eagle in the City community art project



Sunday at the Farmers’ Market

Blog Post #77

Today was a gorgeous day on the Lower Mainland. The sun was shining in a cloudless sky. The air was warm and people were out and about — smiling and happy. Summer IS here!

We headed out early, bound for the White Rock Farmers’ Market to check out the local wares. I love this season of abundance, when fresh produce is readily available and I can support our local farmers.

It seemed like everyone in White Rock was there, milling about buying huge bunches of kale, spinach and lettuce. There were stalls with soaps, jewellery, plants and baked goods, as well as fresh local produce, meats. There were even a couple of vendors selling locally distilled spirits.

A lovely way spend a morning!

Berries and Cherries

Just look at the baskets of red and yellow cherries alongside cartons of strawberries and blueberries. Can’t you taste the fresh sweetness of this local fruit. Mmm… the tastes of summer!


Guess what we’re having for dinner? A salad, of course, built with yummy, fresh, local produce! Tomatoes, kale, arugula (my fave), broccoli — my mouth is watering — bring on the forks!


Fresh green onions, baby potatoes and a towering pile of carrots, brimming with healthful goodness. Crunch! Crunch! Crunch!


Sadly, I have caught up with Brynne’s Daily Drawings, and she is taking a bit of a break from them as she focuses on jumpstarting her art practice. If you would like to see more of her work and find out how you can help her and other artists, visit Patreon, a crowd-funding platform for artists of all genres: YouTube content creators, musicians, webcomic artists, filmmakers, illustrators and more. Curious? Check out Brynne’s Patreon page to see her latest work – see if anything catches your fancy!

On Friday July 1, I will be starting the 30-day minimalism game along with a few friends. I intend to record my progress here (and that of my friends, too, if they agree). If you are interested or curious, find out more about this game at the originators website — The Minimalists. Don’t be afraid to join in — let me know in the comment section if you want to play along. I’d love to hear about your success!