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I Went Downtown — TBT

Child's drawing image
Photo: from Pixabay

On my way home today, I noticed some children in the school yard, laughing and singing while playing a clapping game in groups of two.  As their happy voices chanted a rhyming song, I was transported back in time (way, way back!) to my own school days, when my friends and I would spend recess jumping rope to a warble of skipping songs.

This is the song that came to mind as I passed by the kids in the playground. Do you remember this skipping chant?

I went downtown to see Mrs. Brown
She gave me a nickel to buy a pickle
The pickle was sour; so I bought a flower
The flower was dead; so I bought some thread;
The thread was thin; so I bought a pin;
The pin was sharp; so I bought a harp;
The harp played:
Johnny by the ocean,
Johnny by the sea,
Johnny broke a bottle and blamed it on me.
I told Ma,
Ma told Pa,
And Johnny got a lickin’, so hahaha!
How many lickins’ did he get — 1, 2, 3, 4…


Mindfulness Thought

The body heals with play, the mind heals with laughter and the spirit heals with joy.
~ Unknown

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Lucky Number 13

Black Cat image
Photo by Kaboompics from Pexels

It’s Friday, the 13th — are you worried about your misfortunes on this unluckiest of days? You broke your favourite mirror, spilled salt all over the counter and sneezed before you left the house. And, to make matters worse — you OWN a black cat!

Why not turn your bad juju around? Here are 13 superstitions that may bring Lady Luck’s good fortune and set you on your way to happy, carefree LUCKY days!

Good Luck 13 Ways:

  1. If you see a penny on the ground, pick it up! You will have good luck all day long!
  2. Don’t get freaked out if a frog comes into your house — that’s lucky!
  3. Ladybugs are cute and friendly and it’s good luck if one lands on you.
  4. Feeling unlucky? Try looking at the moon over your right shoulder — it will bring you good luck.
  5. If you want to be very lucky, try looking for a four-leaf clover. These type of clover are extremely rare — but keep looking — you’ll be the luckiest person around!
  6. Wearing your birthstone is said to bring good luck. (If you don’t know your birthstone, click here to find out)
  7. If you’ve spilled the salt, don’t panic — just toss a pinch of it over your left shoulder. Problem solved!
  8. Your wish will be granted if you wish upon a falling star.
  9. Carry a rabbit’s foot with you for luck.
  10. It is good luck to wear your clothes inside out. Who cares what people think?
  11. If your right palm is itchy, you’re in luck — you’ll soon be in the money!!
  12. Cross your fingers for luck (everyone knows that, right?!)
  13. Knocking on wood always wards off bad luck!

If you’re feel especially unlucky or if you think that someone has put an evil spell on you — don’t despair, simply spin around seven times in a clockwise circle! Spell breaker!!


Mindfulness Thought

Learn to be lucky! Some experts believe that you can learn to maximize your good fortune. Practice these four principles of luck and see if your kismet changes:

One: Make the most of your chances
Two: Listen to your intuition
Three: Expect the best
Four: Think positively

For more, read this article on Mindfulness and the Luck Factor 

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Dust Off Your Bowling Shoes!

This installment of the continuing series about the community in City Central features Dell Lanes and Lounge —the place for bowling fun in the historic Whalley area since 1959. The entire article is posted here.

As the door swings open to the entrance of Dell Lanes and Lounge, the thunder of bowling balls rumbling down the alley assails the senses. The unmistakeable crash of falling pins herald a strike amid cheers from the sidelines. The cacophony brings back a nostalgic feeling. How long has it been since I have been in a bowling alley?

Dell Lanes has been in operation in Surrey for 58 years, providing the community with the ages old entertainment of five-pin bowling. (Factoid: Thomas Ryan invented 5 pin bowling in Toronto in 1909, in response to complaints of his customers that the ten-pin ball was too heavy and the game was too slow. Five pin bowling is only played in Canada! — Bowl Ontario 5 Pin.)

The Dell Lanes bowling alley has been owned by the Cooper family since 2002 and today, is managed by a family member, Kayla Cooper. “I basically grew up here,” she grins “I have pictures of me as a toddler happily playing around the lanes. I first started working as a pin chaser when I was 16 and worked my way through the ranks from the kitchen to finally, manager.”

Bowling has had its surges in popularity over the years and Kayla says that today the sport is most popular with families, kids and college students looking for something fun to do that won’t break the bank.

Read the entire article on Surrey604,com