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LRT vs SkyTrain – A closer look at land-use / scope / timeline

This reblogged post from Urban Surrey will be of interest to those who reside in Surrey, BC and are curious about the ongoing conversation about public transportation in the city.



Since my last post on the differences between the proposed LRT and SkyTrain generated much discussion – I felt it would be good to highlight in more detail – the key land-use, route, and scope differences between the 2 routes. Generally, as outlined in my previous post:

  • The proposed LRT route along 104 Avenue and King George Blvd: serves Surrey’s two most urban corridors, 2 largest Town Centres, and a number of major destinations along each route. Each route is designated to handle the bulk of Surrey’s urban growth and revitalization over the next few decades.
  • The alternative SkyTrain route along Fraser Hwy: While it is unclear what a SkyTrain extension would look like given the shortfall in funding to build it to Langley, it is likely that with the $1.65 billion currently available, that it would have to be phased – with Phase 1 of SkyTrain going as far as Fleetwood…

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