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Consider That Dot…

Happy Earth Day!

Earth image
Photo from: Nasa The Martian horizon at twilight

If you look closely at this photo, you will see a tiny bright spot to the left of center. That bright evening star is the Earth as seen from the surface of Mars!

In my inbox this morning, I found an article that included a video of Carl Sagan’s inspiring speech regarding our beautiful home, Earth. This speech is taken from his book, Pale Blue Dot: A Vision of the Human Future in Space.

Sagan wrote about the photograph (known the Pale Blue Dot) taken by the Voyager I space probe in 1990, which shows how insignificant our planet is in the vastness of space.

Listening to this talk brings up a lot of emotion — how insignificant our egos are in our tiny world, how vulnerable our home is, which underscores the importance of cherishing the Earth and everyone who lives here.

Watch the video below — it also includes the text of Mr. Sagan’s writing. Let’s do more than celebrate Earth Day once a year — let’s all do as much as we can to preserve our home and cultivate love for all of our earthly denizens.

I have to say that Earth Day snuck up on me this year — granted, I’ve been busy the past few weeks, but I really wasn’t paying attention. I must admit that I have been sliding a bit on “green” living lately (*smiles sheepishly). Oh, sure — I bring my cloth bags on shopping trips and I compost my organics (it’s a city bylaw!), but I find myself slipping back into old habits — such as buying foodstuffs that are sold in plastic containers or wraps, and using chemical cleaners instead of making my own natural ones.

After watching this video, I am renewing my efforts to live in ways that will help my planet and everything on it.

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