TBT — Remembering Elementary School

Blog Post #237

I barely remember my elementary school days. Oh, sure, I have memories of my younger days — vignettes of a time long ago, when innocence reigned and life was carefree with only a skinned knee or lost toy to mar that period of time. But most of the memories that I do have are small moments in time that stand out, sometimes for no apparent reason.

As I was leafing through some old photos (again!), looking for an idea for a “Throw Back Thursday” post, I found an old school photograph of me in the first grade. This was my very first school picture and I have a few crystal clear memories of that day.

School Photo

I remember with perfect clarity the colour of the shirt I am wearing. It was a pale green — not pastel green, but sort of a light, mossy green. I remember it clearly because I loved that top. I loved everything about it  — the light shade, the ruffles on the collar that continued down the front concealing the little buttons and also adorned the little cap sleeves. I can picture my teacher perfectly in my mind. Mrs. Romanow, who was adored by the entire class of 5 and 6 year olds. She combed my hair that day — it was never so neat, not then and not now!!

I remember other instances from those early school days. Dick, Jane and Sally — the children featured in the books that I first learned to read. Making friends with new kids, learning to ice skate at recess on the bumpy outdoor ice rink, eating bologna sandwiches on white bread for lunch, the little pink metal lunch box that held those waxed paper-wrapped sandwiches. The big red primer pencils that we all used in grade one, our plump little fingers curled around them, struggling to draw the ABC’s. My desk with the lift up lid that held a notebook, eraser and those fat pencils.

Laughter, fun, excitement, scraped knees, friends, family and bubble gum. These, like most of my memories of my childhood, while fuzzy and a little dim, still retain a sense of joy, innocence and happiness. I hope that holds true for my children and for you, as well.





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