And Now For Something Good…

Blog Post #321

I have been struggling writing these daily posts and I have finally figured out the reason. I am disheartened with mankind — from the devastating war in Syria, the horrible hot mess that is the United States of America, the nastiness that is bubbling to the surface everywhere in the world, yes, even here in Canada. I feel heavy-hearted, afraid, and worried every day.

And these feelings go against my basic nature. I am generally an optimistic, hopeful person willing to believe that people in general are essentially kind, loving and generous. But these days, this belief is sorely tested.

To ease my anxiety, I went in search of some feel-good stories that would restore my faith in humanity.

This is not to say that I am closing my eyes to the reality of events transpiring around the globe, instead I mean to try to focus on the many positive acts that are happening everywhere — to help spread positive messages in the hopes that they will reverberate in the hearts of people everywhere and affect a ripple of benevolent change.

Therefore, with the aim of spreading a little joy, optimism and happiness, here are two unrelated examples of positive and reassuring events that I read about this past week. May you find a little comfort and joy in them.

Ballet Slippers

Be Bold For Change

On International Women’s Day, the government of Iceland announced that it will eliminate the gender pay gap by 2022. Companies with more than 25 employees will be required to become certified as equal pay employers. Resistance is working.  Read more 

Ballerina Dreams

This wonderful, loving example of inclusion and acceptance made me ecstatic!

The New York City Ballet stepped up when the mother of a little girl with cerebral palsy asked them if they would consider holding a workshop for special needs children. Watch this (and have tissues at the ready). The video is from one of my favourite sites: Upworthy. Visit them for a dose of positivity. Find out more.


1 thought on “And Now For Something Good…”

  1. I think the world is indeed in turmoil. Lots of stuff bubbling to the surface these days, it seems. And I think for every act of hate there are so many acts of kindness and love. Maybe it depends on what you focus on. Thoughts, Cathy? ❤


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