Hooray For Hollywood!

Blog Post #314

So, we watched the Oscar gala tonight — and it was as elegant, glittery and extravagant as usual. We gathered around the TV with our ballots in hand and settled in to watch the award show and crown the winner of the Johnnies. I was looking forward to seeing Jimmy Kimmel’s host the show — I’d heard that he had done a great job as emcee of the production.

johnnie award
The Johnnie

The show was pretty much the same as in previous years — celebrities in fancy clothes, pomp and circumstance on stage, bright lights, and big smiles. Jimmy’s smooth facilitation of the event was funny and entertaining and his jabs and pokes at the present US administration and his not so subtle digs at the President were on point.

The acceptance speeches, were for the most part, were focussed — expressing gratitude and grace. Some were aimed at the political figures of the day, with points well made and well said. A few were much too long (as usual), but all in all I thought the evening went well. I found Jimmy Kimmel and Matt Damon bringing their faux-feud into the Oscar forum hilarious — especially when Kimmel conducted the orchestra in pretense of playing Matt Damon off the stage when he was presenting an award.

My favourite parts were the interaction between Jimmy Kimmel and the adorable little boy who was in Lion, the bit where the tourists came in and got to meet all the celebrities sitting in the front row, Dev Patel sitting with his mom, Jennifer Aniston tearing up as she was remembering Bill Paxton, and Mahershala Ali’s acceptance speech.

We didn’t see the faux-pas with the Best Picture announcement. The show ran overtime and the recording stopped just before that award was given out. But we all knew about it anyway!

Our voting ended in a three-way tie with Bailey, Brynne and myself guessing ten award winners correctly. After the tie-breaker, it was determined that Brynne won the Johnnie! I offer her my heartfelt congratulations. Well done, Brynne!

Once again, I missed out on capturing the coveted Johnnie — but I take comfort in coming so close! Perhaps next year will be the year that I claim the statue!

All in all, it was an entertaining evening and I am looking forward to seeing many of the movies as I can (nominees and winners) in the near future.

First up: the winner of Best Live Action Short Film: Sing


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