And the Johnnie Goes To…

Blog Post #313

Now that the Academy Awards extravaganza is over and the golden statues are handed out, I have to admit that I did not see any of the movies that was nominated for a 2017 Oscar, with the exception of Zootopia which was nominated for Best Animated Feature film. (If you haven’t seen it, you don’t know what you are missing — it is delightful!)

I didn’t even watch the Oscars last Sunday. (GASP!)

You will probably find this silly, but I will be watching the event tomorrow. That’s right, tomorrow — five days after the big show!

We have a long-standing Oscar night tradition in our house — our own little Award celebration — the Johnnies. We have held the Johnnies every year for over seven years. We have a special dinner, we print out ballots and vote for the winners, we even have our own version of the Oscar prize — the Johnnie.

This year, one of our daughters was unable to be at our house on Oscar night. It caused quite a quandary. What should we do? Cancel? Carry on without her? We went back and forth a bit, and after some discussion, we decided we would fill out our ballots and them keep them safely sealed up. We would PVR the Academy Award show and postpone this year’s Johnnies until the following Friday.

So, I didn’t watch the Academy Award show on Sunday. I also stayed away from most news bytes, video clips, etc. about the broadcast throughout the week. Of course, I did hear bits and pieces (how could I not, in this digital information age?) but I don’t know who all the winners are and I honestly can’t remember all the choices I made on my ballot. Remember, I haven’t seen any of the films, so my choices were, sadly, merely whims.


I must say; I am a bit excited to watch the recording, for a couple of reasons. One, I think I may have been lucky with my guesses — I am the only one in my family who has not won a Johnnie — so maybe, this is my year! And two, from the little that I have heard, there seems to have been a bit of drama (wink, wink!) Check back here after Friday to find who wins the coveted statue!

As for the Academy Award winning films — I think I would like to watch all 9 of the Best Picture nominees and a selection of the short films, documentaries along with the animated shorts too. Hmm … I’d better stock up on popcorn!


4 thoughts on “And the Johnnie Goes To…”

  1. Good for you and what a cool tradition. I did not see any of the shows nominated but I will now definitely make sure I watch Zootopia. Have fun at your Oscar night!

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  2. We saw two of the movies this week on demand- Manchester By the Sea and Moonlight. Reviews were mixed but all agreed they were not blockbusters. Good luck tonight!

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    1. Thank you! Also, thanks for commenting and letting me know that those movies are on-demand, I want to see them both! I’ll let you know what I think of them. .


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