Haikuesday — Ode to Snow

Blog Post #311

We’ve had a tough winter here on the Lower Mainland.  I mean, it was brutal — for us Westcoasters. We aren’t accustomed to harsh weather — oh, sure, we get snow in the winter. Only, it is not usually much snow and it usually doesn’t hang around too long. This year, the snow fell at the beginning of December — AND IT STAYED — and stayed. We had our “winter wonderland” for two entire months!!

Snowy Street photo

Finally, in February, the last of the snow disappeared and everyone rejoiced.

Until today. It started to snow… big, fluffly flakes began to fall. And even though, the “storm” abated and the snow all disappeared as the clouds drifted on and the sun came out — you could hear the cries and pleas of “No more snow!” and “Bring on summer!”

The forecast is for warmer weather accompanied by rain, rain, and more rain — in other words, a typical beginning to a Vancouver March.

This crazy weather prompted me to write this haiku — an homage of sorts to this winter. The ending though, is wishful thinking!!

Glittering flakes fall / They swirl silently downward / To melt on the ground


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