What I Found in My Mailbox

Blog Post #309

I received a card in the mail on Friday. I had been expecting it any day — I get one every year around this time and to be honest, I always dread its arrival.

The card, from the BC Cancer Agency, Provincial Health Services Authority, is sent to remind me to book my annual mammogram. I am reminded to have a yearly screening because I have a first degree relative (my mom) who has had breast cancer. I am grateful that I get those yearly prompts — even though I’m always a little apprehensive to make that appointment.

appointment card

Still, I do make the appointment and I show up for the screening. I think about my good fortune that I live in a country where I have access to excellent healthcare that is provided to me by my government. I think about my mother, a senior on a fixed income. She was able to be diagnosed and treated for breast cancer without the worry of a huge medical bill looming over her. I am thankful for that.

And I think back to last April, when my 24 year old daughter was in the hospital for 11 days. During those long days, she had many diagnostic tests and scans from ultrasounds to an MRI. Daily blood tests, several dialysis sessions, IVs, medications, and ultimately a surgery. And all of this was covered by BC MSP. Which was literally a life saver, as she would have been unable to pay for that kind of medical care. (She is fine now, by the way, fully recovered and forever grateful for the exceptional care she received.)

Universal affordable health care — think about it — it’s good for everyone.


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