Be Mine, Valentine!

Blog Post #296

Are looking for ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day without breaking the bank? In our house, we commemorated our 30th wedding anniversary (kind of a big one, right?!) at the end of January, so we feel like Valentine’s Day is a little anti-climatic. This year we are planning a low-key, quiet evening on February 14th (yep, that’s tomorrow!)

valentine image

There are a lot of simple and romantic ideas to try that are free (or low cost) that you may be interested in. I had a lot of fun sourcing out these heartfelt ways to make Valentine’s Day memorable without spending a lot. Check them out — you may find some ideas that you love!

Make your own cards

Grab your crayons, felt markers, red construction paper, glue and scissors. Then let your creative juices flow. Write down the qualities of your beloved that you admire most, or compose a short, cheesy love poem. This handmade gesture is guaranteed to be treasured by the recipient. If you are stuck for ideas on design or verse: check out these sites for inspiration and how-tos.

25 Cute and Clever DIY Valentine’s Day Cards

Martha Stewart – Valentine’s Day Cards

25+ Easy DIY Valentine’s Day Cards

Easy Valentine’s Day Cards 

Or do a Google search or browse Pinterest for ideas that suit you best.

Get Cooking

Cook up a romantic dinner for two. Concoct your meal using items you already have in your pantry and fridge for a no cost option. If you feel like something special, take a trip to the grocery store (don’t forget to take your shopping list!) Splurge on a bottle of wine. For added romance — cook together!

Some of my favourite sites for special menus include these: Valentine’s Day Dinner Recipes, Celebrate Valentine’s Day, and Romantic Recipes — Jamie Oliver.  Bon appetit!

Movie Night

What could be more romantic than snuggling on the couch, with a glass of wine and a movie on Netflix. Fix your favourite snack, dim the lights and watch your favourite love story while cozied up beside your sweetheart. Stuck for a film title? Try one of these: Chocolat, Roman Holiday, Up, An Affair to Remember, Sleepless in Seattle, or The Princess Bride.

Think of your self(ie)

Have some fun with your significant other, using Snapchat or Instagram. Grab your phone, get goofy, snap some candid shots, add filters, and post on your social media. Confused about Snapchat? Watch this tutorial for tips and guidelines for using this popular social media channel.


3 fun facts about the sweetest holiday

  • 190 million cards are exchanged on Valentine’s Day in the US alone, according to the Greeting Card Association  — that’s the second most popular time to send a greeting card! Christmas is the first.
  • Sweethearts® makes enough candy “conversation” hearts annually for everyone in the world to have one. That’s a lot of sweet talk!
  • According to reference.com, 200 million roses are grown worldwide in anticipation of Valentines’s Day, with 100 million of the beauties sold in the US annually on February 14th.

Have a fantastic Valentine’s Day tomorrow! Spread the love! ❤


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