A Picture is Worth 1000 Words

Blog Post #293

You’ve heard that old saying — a picture is worth a thousand words — right?  Well, I am still working on the 101 Days of Happiness project and I suppose, I am actually not doing it in the conventional way.

I believe the challenge was to take a photo every day for 101 days (worth 101,000 words?!!) to record the many reasons to find joy in life. But, I have been somewhat lax in remembering to snap a pic on consecutive days. In fact, I have missed many days of taking a daily photo. Not because I have failed to find happiness in those moments, but because I missed the opportunity to capture the event.

However, I decided to carry on with the project and do it my way. It may take me 201 days to have a tangible memento of a happy instance, but I plan on photographing 44 more illustrations of joy! So no pressure on me if I forget or miss a photo op — that’s a bit of happiness right there!

The collage below represents Days 49 to 56. Do you think I have too many “happy”themes revolving around food?

#101 Days of Happiness photo

(to see a larger version of the collage — just click on it.)

Hmm, I think this also counts as being creative, yes?


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