TBT – When We Went to the Zoo

Blog Post #278

A visit to the petting zoo — this is something we did often when my daughters were small. Simple pleasures that brought a lot of joy into our little girls’ lives.

Miss B and a little kid photo

When I think back to those days, I am sometimes filled with a sense of longing — a longing for those halcyon days when it was an uncomplicated matter to live in the moment, to enjoy our daughters’ childhoods. Or does it just seem so because I am looking back and the problems and challenges from that time have dimmed my memory of the stresses and tensions of raising a family?

It doesn’t matter now, does it? That little girl in the photo has grown up. She is a young adult going about the business of building her life — bringing her dreams to reality, finding her place in her world. My memories of my daughers’ childhoods are sweet and funny, filled with love and happiness. I know that we had our worries, our hard times, felt anxiety and fear —but when I look at the old photos, I remember the joyful, days when their giggles, smiles and lilting voices were heard throughout our home.

I remember love.


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