On Writing…

Blog Post #275

Writing, writing, writing… I’m still trying to keep up with this “postaday” wordpress thing. It takes up quite a lot of time — coming up with ideas, researching if necessary and writing the piece. It’s challenging and sometimes frustrating, but also fun.


One of the challenges that I’ve faced is the dreaded typo — whether it’s a simple case of a misspelled word or a word used incorrectly — it seems that no matter how diligently I check, one little mistake often sneaks through my most stringent “eagle eyes”. It’s so embarrassing to catch a mistake after it’s been live for week!

I like to do a little research, looking for writing hacks, tips and lists to help me hone my writing and reduce errors. It seems as if a lot of people have trouble with grammar and spelling — there are many articles written on subjects such as: “the 30 worst grammar mistakes you make everyday”, “the top ten words you are using incorrectly” and “a short primer on the English language”.

As I was reading some of these articles, I came across one entry that really irritates me — the use of the words: “peek” and “peak”.

The incorrect usage of these words makes me crazy!

I cannot believe how many times I have see this out there in the world wide web — sentences like the following: “Click this link for a sneak peak at our newest product” AAAARRRGGGG!!

Spell check won’t catch that baby, so it is up to you to notice when you’ve used this word incorrectly.

Read on for tips to help you avoid this mistake.

Peek is a quick look at something – Jane took a quick peek behind the curtain to see if all was ready.

Peak is the pointed top of anything or the highest or most important level or point – The hikers climbed to the peak of the mountain.  Or: She retired at the peak of her political career.

So in other words, peek is a look — and peak is a sharp point.

Have I piqued your interest?


2 thoughts on “On Writing…”

  1. You write well and with good use of your words. I know I have had to change the spelling of a word or two after some of my posts are up. Embarrassing and frustrating because I reread them before I hit the submit button. Have a good day and “keep calm and write on”!

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  2. Thank you, Donna, I appreciate your comment. It is a little funny how our brain sees what we think should be there instead of what is actually there!! I love writing and I have to say that I find your blog posts so inspiring!


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