Humans United

Blog Post #273

I was thinking of God these past few days. Well, maybe not God so much as religion or perhaps, not so much religion but, the actions people take in the name of God and/or religion.

It started with something I read in my FB feed — a friend who lives in the States commented that the new government will be bringing God back to America.

This remark made me think about the many different religions in the world — Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Sikhism, Taoism, Buddhism, and any of the other estimated 4,200 religions.

I was thinking that if all the dogma, and doctrines were removed from these religions, what would be left is one basic tenet.

And this one canon that is central to all these religions is — love. Meaning that we (all us humans) should focus on loving, respecting, cherishing, and taking care of ourselves, each other and our Earthly home.

It is that simple.

When we understand that — then we will live in a world of peace, harmony and love.

Today, I was heartened by the history-making women’s march. Over 2 million people, in hundreds of cities around the world gathered in solidarity with the participants of the women’s march in Washington to stand up for human rights.

We will get there, because “Love always wins”



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