I Feel Good! 10 Little Things That Make Me Happy

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Here I am, thinking of happiness again. I guess today I am feeling a little down-in-the-dumps, as my mother would say. As I was slumping on the sofa in a little bit of a blue funk, my brain began to remind me of some of the things, events and people that are important to me and I started to cheer up.


I decided to make a short list — just ten things — that make me happy and see what would happen to my bad mood.

After a few minutes of scribbling down some of those ideas, thoughts and memories, I actually began to smile and the black cloud began to drift away.

Notebook photo

This is my list (in no particular order) of ten small things that make me happy.

A toasted peanut butter and banana sandwich

My cat sitting on my lap

Finishing a good book and starting another

The many YouTube dance videos of Bruno Mars song “Uptown Funk”

The way lime green looks with hot pink

Tea with my girls

The sound of my husband’s laugh

An unexpected compliment

A chat with a friend

A long, deep hug from someone I love

Tell me, what makes you happy? Share your list in the comments.


2 thoughts on “I Feel Good! 10 Little Things That Make Me Happy”

  1. 1. All of nature’s faces – cold, bright, green, warm, dark, wet… Woods, rivers, ocean, lake, sky. Nature saves me, always.
    2. Tea, especially afternoon tea with its scones, sweets, flavours and comfort. Best taken with friends, but alone is fine too.
    3. My women. Friends, daughter, nieces – couldnt do life without you.
    4. Buttered toast.
    5. Homemade soup. Hmmm, there’s a theme here…
    6. Books. Stories about women, stories about life, stories that make me say “Yes, it’s like that.”
    7. My pets – currently 2 cats.
    8. My family. They’re everything.
    9. Being warm and cozy. Blankets, fluffy socks, flannel duvet cover and sheets.
    10. My garden, especially my herb garden. All my senses are awake here.

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