Is That Really Me?

Blog Post #264

Lately, I have been trying hard to improve my photography — taking more photos, getting more practice, trying to get creative — and I think I have been improving. Of course, I’ve only been doing this with my phone camera. I love using my phone, because, well, I always have it with me and it is a lot easier to manage than our Nikon DSLR. (Learning how to use THAT camera is high on my “to-do-list”)

One thing that I have not mastered, however, is the art of taking a selfie! It seems easy, but I don’t think it is. My daughters both take gorgeous selfies — and they have given me a few tips, but I just can’t seem to get it right! Maybe it’s because I don’t usually like photos of myself.

Anyway, I would like to snap a selfie here and there — Instagram would be a little more fun if I could take some decent pics of mself!

Check out these two samples— then you might understand what I’m talking about!

What I think my selfie will look like…

Photo of a model


What my selfie actually looks like…

Photo of Me

Guess I’ll just have to keep practicing — right?



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