Kindness Matters

11 Jan

Blog Post #263

It isn’t difficult to find information, quotes and examples of random acts of kindness on the internet. If you are looking for inspiration or ideas on ways to be kind in your everyday life, there is a wealth of material to help you — just a google search away.

Heart image

There are many reports, articles and videos on the web that illustrate and promote acts of kindness — you know, the news spot that narrates the $5000 tip left by a random diner, the YouTube video that regales the stranger who rescued the puppy stranded on the highway, or the anonymous donor who makes a spectacular lifesaving bequest. Do random acts of kindness have to be big to be worthwhile?

I often hear friends say that it is challenging to come up with RAKs ti, to them their attempts feel forced and insincere. That can easily happen when you overthink things or try to come up with the perfect way to show a kindness.

One remedy for this that I found is this wise quote from Aesop, the ancient Greek storyteller:

“No act of kindness, no matter how small is ever wasted.”

Taking these words to heart and simply acting with kindness in small, ordinary ways can benefit friends and strangers alike, in ways you can’t imagine and might not ever realize. Remember — one kind word or smile can change someone’s day!


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