January Dreams…

Blog Post #262

Have I been complaining about the weather too much? I feel as if I have been griping a lot about the SNOW, the ICE, the SLIPPERY SIDEWALKS, and the cold — oh, the cold!  This December, we’ve had 22 days of zero or below zero temperatures — and on three of those days the temperature didn’t even reach a high of zero. Yes, it’s that COLD!

You may be laughing, because what we, in Vancouver, call severe winter conditions, would be fun tobogganing weather to anyone east of the Rockies!


Snowy street photo

I am so done with winter — seriously — I’m ready for long days filled with sunshine, walks on the beach, hey — I’d be ecstatic if it poured rain! But if the meteorologists at Environment Canada are right, then we are in for more cold and snowy days — through January. It might even be a cold, wintry February. Ugh!!

If you’re feeling the same way about winter as I am, maybe this little haiku will give you a bit of a lift. It helped me (it’s my mantra now!)

Sunshine warms the sand
Waves gently lap the shoreline
January dreams …


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