Blog Post #254

Winter! I’ve had enough winter now — enough dark mornings, enough icy sidewalks, enough SNOW!

Don’t get me wrong, I think snow is beautiful and I love how it can transform a neighbourhood into a hushed and gorgeous, winter wonderland. I love how the world looks in the late afternoon on a shivery winter day — bleak, leafless trees, evergreens frosted with crystals, the sun low in the grey sky — but after this long stretch of ice and cold, I’m ready for some warmer days.

We aren’t used to this kind of winter here in Greater Vancouver. We are more accustomed to a bit of snow that soon turns to rain and temperatures that seldom dip below zero. Sure, we’ve had severe winter storms that have shut down the entire city and wreaked havoc with the snow and ice causing power outages and transit headaches — but I don’t recall a winter where the snow stayed for so long! And has it ever been this cold here?

Aaarrgh!! I have had enough!

Winter Scene

I just heard the weather report for this week. That’s right — more snow in our forecast for Thursday and Friday!!  Whaaat??!!


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