TBT — Christmas Past

Blog Post #243

I found this photo the other day when I was sorting through a box of old pictures. Taken about 23 years ago at a local shopping centre, it shows my two adorable munchkins in the traditional Christmas photo with Santa.


Looking wistfully at this memento of those innocent days of their childhood — when Christmas was a magical time of wonder. Oh, my girls still get excited for the holiday and they both love this time of year — gift giving (and getting!), baking, holiday parties, wrapping presents, decorating and watching all the traditional Christmas movies — I love that about them. But I sometimes miss the days of childish delight as we trimmed our tree, sang carols and celebrated the season. I can still hear the squeals of joy on Christmas morning as they eagerly tore open the Christmas packages, Santa, once again, getting them exactly what they wanted and their shining faces as they gave us the gifts they had lovingly chosen (or handmade) just for us.

Yes, Christmas has changed, now that my girls have grown into adulthood. It’s different, but when I think about it — I realize that the sense of wonder is still within them. They may not believe in Santa anymore but they do believe in the magic and love of the Christmas Spirit.

And, so do I!


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