Cry For Aleppo

15 Dec

Blog Post #236

I am thinking about our world. Lately, I have been experiencing a lot of anxiety, fear, sadness and hopelessness because of all the tragedy in the world. Today, I read about Aleppo.

I felt helpless, thinking that I could do nothing to make a difference — to make a change, to help. The problems in this world of ours — especially in Syria — seem to be too big for one person. What can I do?

Then I read this blog post, Put Your Coffee Down and Do It  by Diane Baker Mason

As I was reading, I felt as if this person was sitting in my living room demanding to know why I bemoaning about the state of the world instead of doing something. It was as if she was looking me straight in the eye as she pointed out there was plenty I could do to help.

I did more reading — 7 real things you can do right now about the catastrophe in Aleppo  by Eric March, published on Upworthy,  and …

This entreaty that is making its rounds on social media channels, pleading:

Talk about Aleppo. cry for them like you cried for Paris. Cry for them like you cried for New York. Talk about them. Our silence is killing them. they are people, PEOPLE. are they not important because they’re Arabs? Or because they’re Syrian? Do their lives matter less than the life of a French or an American? People from Aleppo are posting their goodbye messages on the internet as a final massacre is expected to happen any time soon and we are silent. We have been silent for over five years. Some children in Aleppo don’t know life without war. Imagine living in a city of ruins and having to fear for your life every instant. hospitals, churches, houses, restaurants are bombed on the daily and hundreds are killed every single day. Yet we are silent. Remember them. Honor them. We’ve allowed a mass genocide to happen before our eyes for years. it’s burning is a testament of our moral failure. Talk about Aleppo, please.

Let’s break our silence — let’s talk about Aleppo — proclaim our outrage, demand that our governments take action. Let’s use our voices, our money, our strength to stop the madness. The time is now. The people of Syria need us.

Talk about Aleppo. As Diane Baker Mason implored: take action now by contacting your government representatives, tell them you care about Aleppo, donate whatever you can to the organizations that are on the ground in Syria risking their lives to save innocent people caught in the maelstrom. Organizations like — the International Rescue Committee, Doctors Without Borders, Save the Children, or the White Helmets.

Sign petitions, join protests, talk to your friends and family, share your anger and concern through your social media channels.

These are all things you and I can do to help the people of Aleppo. They need us to do this. We need to do this. We can do this.



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