Snowy Day Haiku

Blog Post #234

Morning still and cold
the crunch of snow underfoot
bare branches above


Instead of our usual rainy December, we’ve been blessed (?) with snow. Not, our usual dusting of white flakes that excites children and has us all dreaming of snowmen, angels and impromptu snowball fights. No, this snow wreaked havoc on our streets, causing drivers to panic and pedestrians to freak out. Turned our streets into a slushy mess — which froze in the night when the temperature dropped.

Then just when things appeared to be returning to normal  — it snowed again. It wasn’t pretty. Fender benders, stalls, huge traffic jams. In other words, a nightmare!

Apparently, the cold wintery weather is here to stay, at least for the next week or so — and we all have our fingers crossed for a big thaw.

But even though, the streets are slick and slippery, and the air is colder than we are used to, I’m kind of loving the snow. It is so beautiful — especially in the early morning hours before the sun comes up.

These past few days, my walk to work has been breathtaking. The untouched snow, that blankets the walkway, casts a quiet hush over the ground that glitters in the morning light. The cold air fills my lungs as I make my way up the street, enjoying the beauty around me. Ahh, snow!


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