Blog Post #226

I was a little worried all day at work. Today, was the first snowfall of December and the traffic had been horrendous as people tried their best to drive smoothly and safely in the wet, sloppy, slippery stuff.

My co-workers and I checked the weather often throughout the day, peering out the windows, trying to decide if it was raining or snowing. It was — sometimes fluffy white flakes drifting from the sky, sometimes a sleety kind of rain pelting down.


The snow was the main topic of conversation — we speculated on how slippery the roads would be, how much snow would fall, would it stick? We checked the forecast for tomorrow — just how cold would the night be? Cold enough to freeze the snow on the roads into treacherous ice? We worried about buses, pedestrians, cars and slippery streets.

At the end of the work day, I rushed out of the office, in a hurry to catch the bus. It was slow going — the sidewalk was a sloshy, icy mess. I took to the road which was clear and dry (well, drier).

At the bus stop, I watched as the sun illuminated the clouds bathing the sky in lovely hues of pink and orange. A gorgeous sight!

A moment to feel gratitude and a scene to remember.


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