Peace on Earth — Goodwill to Men

Blog Post #225

Getting into the Christmas spirit for me means setting up the tree, decorating the house, wrapping presents and watching my favourite Christmas movies. And feeling grateful for it all.

With all the festivities, Christmas songs, glowing lights, and cookies, that fill the 24 days until Santa comes, there is also an increase in Christmas marketing on TV and social media.

Among the enticements to buy more things to ensure a “wonderful and joy-filled season”, I love to see more companies airing emotionally sweet, poignant and amusing commercials during the holiday season — ads that promote goodwill to all.

This post is a short roundup of some of the funnier, warmer and endearing Yuletide ads that I’ve seen on TV and YouTube and one message to think about when viewing these heartfelt sentiments.

The Wish Writer

Macy’s 2015 Christmas spot is sweet, cute and shows the true spirit of Christmas, when a young girl finds a magical pen that can make wishes come true. Watch as she and her brother discover the joy in giving. Have a box of tissues handy!  Santa is real!  #thesantaproject  

A Priest and an Imam Meet for a Cup of Tea

Amazon Prime’s 2016 commercial portrays a friendship between the priest and an Imam. We are more the same than different and this ad is a heartfelt example.

Christmas with love from Mrs. Claus

This 2016 Marks & Spencer ad is delightfully sweet and features a thoroughly modern Mrs. Claus. (Check out the book she’s reading!)

I like this ad because the character of Mrs. Claus is portrayed as a strong, independent woman who does more than bake cookies and wait up while Santa delivers Christmas joy. Find out more about this special Christmas “operative” #LoveMrsClaus

The Greatest Gift

This stop frame animation musical is from Sainsburys, a supermarket chain in the UK. This 2016 commercial tells the story of Dave, who is searching for the best gift he can give his family. As James Cordon sings the lyrics, Dave soon realizes that the most important gift he can give his family is… him. Cheesy? Maybe — but it is true — giving of yourself IS the best present!

The animation is great in this spot and I love the diversity of the families depicted in the story. The tune and lyrics are catchy too!


I love these commercials, but as I was searching for the official YouTube versions of them for this post, I came across a video by Stop Funding Hate and it gave me a lot to think about. Things like what does it say about a company if they support (with their advertising dollars) a publication or company that espouse discrimination and hate?

Stop Funding Hate heads up a movement that opposes hatred, discrimination and racism in the press. The organization works to encourage companies to cease advertising in newspapers that print perpetuate divisive hate campaigns. They also call on the public to further the cause by sharing their videos through social media.


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