Christmas Cheer

Blog Post #223

I’m starting to dream up my Christmas menu — and the first thing I thought of making was Christmas Sangria!

I love sangria and usually prefer one made with red wine and luscious fruits such as peaches, oranges, apples and cherries. Generally, served in lovely, tall glasses over cracked ice and sipped while gathered with friends on an outdoor patio.

christmas bauble photo

But for my Christmas feast, I think a white sangria will better suit the occasion. This is how I plan to put it together.


1 Granny Smith apple (or your favourite crisp, tart apple)
1 Honeycrisp apple (or other sweet apple — Pink Lady, Braeburn, Ambrosia)
1 heaping cup fresh cranberries
1 large Sprig rosemary with extra sprigs for garnish
2 bottles Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay or your favourite dry white wine
½ cup sparkling apple cider or white grape juice
¼ cup sugar


Chop the apples and cut ¼ cup of the cranberries in half. Combine all ingredients in a large pitcher and stir together with a large wooden spoon to help the sugar dissolve. Refrigerate for at least 4 hours before serving. Serve chilled or over ice. Garnish with extra rosemary sprigs.

Note:  If you fancy lemons, limes, oranges or clementines — feel free to add them to your sangria instead of the apples and cranberries or along with them. Your holiday beverage will be delicious, pretty and uniquely you!



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