Counting Down to Christmas

Blog Post #222

It’s December 1st!

Time to drag out all the Christmas boxes — set up the tree, put on some Christmas music, start wrapping all those gifts.


One of our favourite traditions is hanging up the advent calendar to begin the countdown to the big day. The sad thing is — we had a break-in a few weeks ago. Thieves broke into our storage room and ransacked everyone’s lockers. We didn’t think much was missing — Bruce’s old guitar was gone for sure and every taped up box was searched. Of course, we don’t store anything of real value in there (except for the guitar!) You know, we had the usual stuff packed in our little space — knick knacks, framed pictures, books, and yes, Christmas decorations.

After searching through all the Christmas boxes, I was dismayed to find that our advent calendar seemed to be missing (along with some of our nicest ornaments!) We’ve had that calendar for at least 20 years! (Who would steal something like that?) It was made of red felt and had 25 little pockets that held a little yellow, wooden star that we moved from day to day until the 25th. The girls enjoyed taking turns moving the star every morning and I LOVED it because there were no little chocolates to fight over!!

Now, even though my daughters are grown, we still put up the advent calendar — and I move the star along every day. This year, I decided that since the calendar was gone, we would forego the tradition and look for something to replace it after Boxing Day when Christmas is on sale.

But then, as I was catching up with my friends on Facebook, I saw one of them had posted a link to a “Kindness Advent Calendar” from the website: Make Today Happy!


Think about it — 25 random acts of kindness to count down the days to Christmas. I LOVE it! I’m definitely going to put this up — without a doubt, this will put me in the Christmas spirit. I see some possible tweaks that I could make to this for next year — like make it out of felt, with 25 pockets for the RAKs so that it will be reusable.

Kindness Advent Calendar. Share it with your friends.


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