These Days of Happiness – 8 More Reasons to Smile

Blog Post 210

I’m still taking photos for the #101daysofhappiness — but I have to admit that I haven’t been taking them/posting them every single day. It’s not that I don’t find something to be happy about every day, it’s that sometimes I can’t take a photo at that moment.

For example, last Wednesday as I was hurrying to catch my bus home, a gorgeous bald eagle flew over my head. I was awed by the sight (I am always awed when I see an eagle — who wouldn’t be?)  By the time I grabbed my phone to snap a pic, he was gone — a mere speck in the sky. So, no photo for that flash of happiness.

There have been many such moments — but I’ll keep going. Hopefully, I’ll get better at it…

These eight photos represent some lovely illustrations of some of the happy instances in my life — the beauty of downtown Vancouver, loved ones, special gifts and special places.

This project is helping me focus more on the present, to notice and pay attention to the ordinary moments that make up every day — the big and little things that are truly important and that bring true happiness.

Life is good and that brings me happiness!

More days of happiness photos



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