Time For Something Sweet

14 Nov

Blog Post #205

Ugh! I’m tired of hearing about the ugliness that is taking place down South! I tired of feeling worried, anxious, and outraged — especially since I can do nothing about that situation! What I need is, some comfort food — something sweet, creamy and out-of-this-world delicious.

And what better treat, than rice pudding?

I headed to the kitchen and got out my favourite little pot that I always use to cook rice. I measured the grain, added a full can (well, almost a full can) of coconut milk, a little skim milk, some water, agave syrup and  a splash of vanilla.

As my rice concoction simmered on the stove, I bustled around the kitchen, cleaning up the dinner dishes, unloading and loading the dishwasher and sweeping the floor. In no time at all, my pudding was an aromatic, thick creamy pudding that was sweetness in a bowl!

Rice pudding is one of my favourite dishes — I love it in all its many forms. I love to eat it right after it’s cooked, waiting just long enough so that it doesn’t burn my mouth when I’m inhaling it eating it daintily with a spoon. I love it cold the next day. I like it cooked on the stove top or baked in the oven — I love it made with brown sugar or agave syrup or applesauce as the sweetener. I LOVE rice pudding!

I ate a small bowlful as I sat to write this post — yum — comfort food at its finest! I had to use my iron will not to have a second helping. It helped to know that I will have a serving of it in my lunch tomorrow (or will it be breakfast? We’ll see!)

Below is my recipe — I can’t guarantee that my measurements will be 100% correct as I usually just add things in (except for the rice and liquids).  I think that this dish is very forgiving — and most people know how to cook rice, more or less! That is really all this recipe is — cooking rice with milk instead of water and adding in flavours that you like!

Rice Pudding — the Ultimate Comfort Food

1 cup of rice  — I usually use long grain white rice, but it is delicious with brown rice, too
2 cups of liquid — I used a combination of skim milk and water — use your own ratio depending on your preference
1 can of full fat coconut milk — I didn’t have a full can – I had about 3/4 of a can, it worked just as well. My pudding was thick and creamy.
Vanilla extract — about 1 teaspoon or to your taste
Sweetener of your choice and to your taste — I used agave syrup
Cinnamon — to your taste — I omitted this because I didn’t feel adding it in this time. I wish I had! (the pudding was still delicious, but I think the cinnamon would have added that extra zing!)

Put all ingredients, except for the sweetener and cinnamon into a small pot, stir until combined. Heat, stirring frequently, until the mixture comes to a boil. Lower the heat, cover, and let simmer for about  20 minutes or until desired consistency is reached. Add sweetener and cinnamon. Stir, taste and adjust to your liking. Try serving it with fresh berries, or banana. You can add anything you like — it’s all good!


Please note that the photo below is NOT a picture of my recipe — it is from Pexels.  I need to learn to take better photos!!






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