Dance Me to the End of Love

Blog Post #203

Ahh, it’s Saturday night and it’s quiet — we are enjoying a glass of wine, reading (of course) and listening to music. I am getting into a new book — Zoe Whittall’s, The Best Kind of People (No. 1 on Indigo’s Best Books of 2016)

I’m only 40 pages in but the writing is strong, the characters are interesting and the story is compelling.

The wine, Take it to the Grave — an Australian shiraz — is delightful. The music is rich, poetic and beautiful. In tribute to Leonard Cohen, we are listening to a selection of his music. We’re comfortable, relaxed, content.

Have a listen to a few of my favourite from tonight’s playlist.

Dance Me to the End of Love – Madeleine Peyroux

Thanks to Realm of the Lone Grey Squirrel for posting this YouTube video, I hadn’t heard Ms. Peyroux sing before — wow, love her voice! By the way, LGS, “Suzanne” and “Hallelujah” crop up here, because, well, they are two of my favourites!!


Suzanne — Leonard Cohen


Hallelujah — Leonard Cohen


Joan of Arc — Jennifer Warnes & Leonard Cohen


Famous Blue Raincoat — sung by Jennifer Warnes

Rest in peace, Mr. Cohen. Thank you. You will always be remembered.


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