Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness

Blog Post #198

I feel worried — filled with an unease that pervades my entire being. I am afraid for America, for Canada — indeed, for the whole world. I don’t believe I am alone — I believe that many people around the globe and especially in the United States are feeling this same apprehension. Tomorrow, Americans will elect a new leader who will run their country for the next four years.

statue of liberty

The long, nasty and ugly campaign is finally at an end. Unfortunately, the inherent sense of wrongness won’t disappear when the polls close.  Tensions are running high, and people are angry — there is a lot that is wrong in America right now — a lot of work needs to be done and changes need to be made. But those changes need to move the country forward, not backward. The American people have paved the way for this narrow-minded, mean-spirited, selfish and dangerous man to come this far — will there be a final push to the finish line? Will the people of the “greatest nation in the world” elect a racist, misogynistic, narcissistic, lying bully who has no experience in government and who refuses to educate himself on foreign or domestic policy?

I hope not — but I am worried. And scared.

I know that it is out of my hands, I’m not part of this event. My life won’t change much, no matter who is elected.

But I do believe that the entire world will be affected adversely if Mr. Trump becomes the next President of the United States. How can we not be affected? We have already been afflicted by the ugliness of this electoral campaign — the racist comments, the sexist slurs, the degrading remarks about the disabled, and other minorities, We have all been tainted by a would-be leader inciting violence, setting the tone for intolerance, fear mongering and pettiness. It has hurt us — you, me, everyone, everywhere.

I will be hoping for the best outcome in the election tomorrow. I fervently wish that Donald Trump goes down in defeat. I will be avoiding the media tomorrow — I will find out soon enough what American public decides.

Good luck, America. Please think before you cast your vote.





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