What Time Is It?

Blog Post #195

It’s that time of year again. That horrendous time of year — when we alter the time of day.

Yeah, I’m talking about Daylight Saving — you know, that event that takes place twice a year, when we change the time, for reasons that no one knows or understands.

This weekend, we will turn our clocks back one hour — or “fall back” as we say! At this autumn change, we gain an hour — or wait, do we lose an hour? No, no, — we gain an hour. I’m so confused.

Pocket Watch

Seriously, does it help the farmers?? I think not!

The crazy thing is: everyone dislikes this time change thing. We all want to do away with it — and why not? There are places in North America where people don’t change the time and they seem to be alright. Take Saskatchewan for example, they used to practice Daylight Saving, but it was abolished decades ago and nothing changed — life goes on just the same as always.

Anyway, for now, we are stuck turning time back — and even though most of our clocks change automatically now — there are usually a few time pieces in our homes that need to be manually adjusted. The one on the microwave, maybe the stove. What about your wristwatch or the clock in your car? Don’t forget them!

There are a few days before we have to make the change, so you have time to watch this video about Daylight Saving. It’s funny because it’s true. By the end, you will be screaming: WHAT TIME IS IT?!

Remember: turn your clocks back 1 hour, this Sunday, Nov. 6 at 2:00 am




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