Number 347 Out of 1384 — TBT

Blog Post #194

I love to look through old photographs — we have lots of albums filled with pictures of our daughters when they were little, snaps of when we were young — images of many family events — holidays, birthdays and weddings. It is funny and sweet to take a little walk down memory lane and think about the past and wonder at how much we have all changed.

In this digital age, we don’t have photographs tucked into albums, stacked up in the cupboards like we used to. Instead, we have them on our SD disks and posted on our social media, or just saved on our phones, tablets and laptops.

Today, I was looking for a particular photo — I had a memory of a day spent at one of our favourite family haunts — Fort Langley. It wasn’t in a photo album, I remembered taking the picture with my trusty point and shoot digital camera, which meant it wasn’t a “hard copy.” So I searched through all the folders on our desktop, the laptop and then turned to the camera itself. I finally located the image on the memory disk — number 347 out of 1384! It shows my daughters walking on the railway tracks of Fort Langley’s historical CN Station.


This photograph brings to my mind, a sweet memory of a lovely afternoon spent wandering the streets and shops of the quaint historical village of Fort Langley. It was a gorgeous afternoon and we had strolled along the main street, shopping, antique hunting and enjoying each other’s company. We stopped at the train station — something we hadn’t done before — peered in the windows of the station building, hopped on a train and took pictures and generally goofed around. Later, as we strolled along, the girls sauntered on ahead of us, engrossed in a sisterly conversation, as Bruce and I ambled behind them. I remember how touched I felt by their camaraderie — I’m happy that they have a close relationship. I felt wistful, too, as I had longed for a sister when I was younger.

As I gazed fondly at the image, I realized that photographs are the physical documentations of the moments in our lives — moments that encase our memories of events, big and small throughout the years. This made me think and if you know me at all, you know that means I will be embarking upon my next big project. That’s right — I will be sifting through all our digital images and choosing the best ones to print and put into photo albums as tangible records of our family history. Expect results in a year or two!!



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