FLOTUS — I Finally Know What That Means

Blog Post #185

I have to admit that I have been paying more attention to the coming American election this year than any other previous election. I have been, like many others, mortified and, yes, sickened by what is happening to our neighbouring country — but like looky-loos at an accident site — I can’t seem to look away.

But I have found someone to admire during what I consider to be one of the lowest ebbs of American history — and that person is Michelle Obama.

Her calm, reasonable tones and thoughtful, intelligent comments are a welcome voice in the dismal arena of the 2016 American election campaign.

I’ve always thought of First Lady Michelle Obama as a strong, intelligent woman who was not afraid to be genuine and to show her true self to the American public and the world. Her compassion shone through her efforts to empower young women and her work on the task force to combat obesity in American children.  Mrs. Obama exemplifies the strength, confidence, and power of women that I would like to see embodied in women everywhere especially in our young women of today.

I, like, many others around the globe, listened to Michelle Obama’s speech endorsing Hillary Clinton at the Democratic Convention and heard her quiet strength of conviction, her intelligent persuasion and her reasonable assertions that “she’s with her.”

I believe she, along with her husband, is more accessible to the citizenry of America, and of the world. And she isn’t afraid to be genuine and show the fun side of FLOTUS, as when she rocked out with James Corden in carpool karaoke!

or when she danced to Uptown Funk with Ellen

Or her witty, amusing, and easy-going interview with Steven Colbert on the Tonight Show.

But my favourite public address, so far, was the speech that she gave in Manchester, New Hampshire on October 13, 2016, where she spoke about the qualities needed to be the President of the United States. It was the best. speech. of. this. entire. campaign.

I think she would be a great President of the United States — don’t you agree?


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