Stormy Weather

15 Oct

Blog Post #183

It’s been a wild and crazy time out here on the”Wet Coast” as we call it (or sometimes, “Raincouver”). We’ve had Environment Canada, local meteorologists, and news stations warning us about the severe weather that was coming our way. We’ve had power outages, rain streaming down by the bucketful and fierce, blustery winds blowing through our streets. Stormy weather, for sure!


Today, though, during a lull in the severe weather system — when the rain had stopped and the wind was nothing more than a gentle breeze — I thought to myself how much I like the climate here. The rain doesn’t usually bother me much — it’s better than snow! As long as I have a good umbrella and my Bogs, I love to be out splashing about in the rain. And there is something about the sky and the air that is breathtaking after the rain stops and the sun comes out bringing light and warmth.

Even though, we are all snuggled in now, waiting for tonight’s next forecast onslaught  — I’m thinking of tomorrow when the storms will have passed by and there is nothing left but light showers and big puddles. I’m thinking that — I love people who smile when it is raining!

For your listening pleasure: Stormy Weather, sung by Etta James







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