Happy Thanksgiving — 4 Ways to Be Grateful

Blog Post #177

Today we had a fabulous Thanksgiving dinner. We gathered at my mother-in-law’s place to help her celebrate the holiday — to get together with each other as a family. We each brought some food to share around the table.

Feeling thankful that we were able to come together, we chatted, told family stories, laughed and reminisced.



I was reminded as we were eating that this was a celebration of gratitude and it made me consider the way I could become more aware on a daily basis of the abundance in my life.

There are many ways to show gratitude but sometimes we need reminders to help us appreciate and recognize everything we have in our lives. Here are four ways to become a more grateful person.

Start the day with thanks
By thinking of the things to be thankful for soon after you wake up can help you feel more positive. Writing your list in a gratitude journal will help you remember the good things in your life.

Say thank you
Adopt an attitude of gratitude and show your appreciation for all the goodness and beauty that surrounds you. Say thank you, smile and acknowledge those around you.

Celebrate every day
Look for ways to appreciate the day  — the sun shining through the trees, a friendly smile from a stranger, or the refreshing taste of your salad.

Be generous
Sharing your abundance with others is a great way to show appreciation. Be generous with your time, your knowledge and your heart. You know what they say: “Sharing is caring.”

Be kind to yourself and others
Kindness creates positivity and spreading kindness helps to create generosity in others. You never know when your acts of kindness will make a difference — but they will.

These four tips can help us all to become more grateful. We can all work together towards making every day a day of thanksgiving.



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