Saturday Night Playlist

Blog Post #176

It’s chilly and rainy here tonight so I’ve got my reading socks on, my book in hand and a cat on my lap. The perfect time to relax, play some tunes and delve a little further into this month’s book club pick (Something Fierce by Carmen Aguirre).

So what am I listening to? Check out my Saturday night playlist.

The first and second album from Blue Rodeo. This Canadian country rock group released their first album, Outskirts, in 1987 and they have been recording and touring ever since. Have a listen to a couple of my favourite tunes.

Try, from Outskirts, and the title track from their second album, Diamond Mine



Sarah McLachlan is a Canadian singer/songwriter who albums have sold over 40 million copies throughout the world. Her rich, powerful voice is perfectly suited to the emotional ballads that she composes. She is one of my favourite singers and I’m listening to a mix of her work that include two of my top picks — Aida from her album, Surfacing and I Will Remember You  from her album, Mirrorball.


What are you listening to?


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